A girl burst in to the circle of our camp as we were waking up, and I watched as she cried out things about dousing the fire. Seeing that we took no action she grabbed our stew pot, filled it with water, and poured it over our fire. We jumped to our feet complaining. She quietened us and continued to pour water over the fire until smoke rose and there were no more flames. There was enough light from the moon for us to see, and I gazed at this stranger who was so aggitated. She had brown curls around her head, and green eyes. Despite the panic she was rather pretty.

"This thing's been stalking me all night, I'm sorry I led it to you." She whispered. Zahkon readied his bow, the string creaking slightly under his strength.

"I hate this waiting." Lyra muttered as we stood, staring at the place where the girl had come from with anticipation, and a hint of fear. Silence fell. Then, a creature came crashing through the woods. Under the white moon I saw it clear as daylight.

It's skin was dark and stretching, like hide as it is stretched over starving animals, and golden eyes pierced the shadows as it stared hungrily at us. Muscles rippled under it's skin as it pounced, and two arrows were shot at it. I caught a glimpse of a red haired tip at the end of it's tail, the only part of it with fur. Then Destran was flying through the air and I was running towards him. He got up as I reached him and looked at me for a split second before returning to battle. The look in his eyes was the look of a warrior. He was protecting us. The girl was already charging at it with an axe from our fire. I slipped over to my things and grabbed my 3/4 sword, before running to join the fight. As the creature caused the girl to stumble I caught her, twisting her behind me and slicing at the extended paw. A yowl pierced the air and then I saw the creature's fangs. Sharp, hooked teeth that leered at me with a confidence of my death.

The creature was momentarily distracted by a blow from Zahkon, but then it's eyes fixed on me and I felt a tearing pain cross my stomach. I barely had time to glance down before I was pushed backwards and fell to the floor. As I gazed up at the fight I realised it was getting blurry. Why was the world blurry? And then I realised it must be me. It must be my injury. I crawled slowly towards the water and slipped in, feeling relief the moment my body disappeared. My vision returned and I allowed my head to become human as I peered out of the stream. Legs covered my view and I saw that the group had backed off and were standing against the stream. I stood hurriedly and grasped Lyra's hand, slipping between her and Destran as we faced our enemy. I felt weak, and realised I had not allowed the water to fully heal myself. I would ache for a while but there would be no scar or inner damage.

The creature prowled towards us, eyes flicking from one to the next. We readied ourselves for the attack.

"Ahem," said a man standing behind us.

The End

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