A Monster

The woods seemed to close in behind me. I couldn’t see a thing; I just kept pressing forward, hardy daring to look back, afraid of what I would see. Suddenly I broke out of the trees and into a small creek.

I stopped dead, forgetting about what was behind me for a minute. There was a fire, a cheerily crackling fire with people around it, two of them were asleep, though two others stood watch. The larger of the two figures had a bow trained in my direction. I raised my arms, running towards the fire lit area.

“Douse your light! Put out the fire! It’s drawn to the light!”

I raised for the fire, and the two now stirring people around it. I found a stewpot near the fire and ran back to the creek, filling it up with water. Running back I poured it on the flames. The sleepers yelled in protest, I shushed them quickly. The fire smoked and sizzled and I made two more trips back to the creek before the flames died down.

“This thing’s been stalking me all night, I’m sorry I led it to you.” I whispered into the dark as we waited for the creature to show itself. I heard the bowstring creaking on the warrior’s bow as he strained on it.

“I hate this waiting.” I heard someone mutter. Silence reined for a few more minutes, I started to fidget, I heard the others around me doing the same. Suddenly the creature burst out of the woods. Silence was forgotten.

The trees crashed as branches were thrown to the ground, the trees rattled as they were shaken by the unknown thing. The warrior and one of the sleepers, the men in the small band, ran forward with their weapons.

The archer got off two rapid shots at the beast.  The other man had drawn his sword and ran straight at the creature. A claw flashed out and the swordsman went flying. Another flash of the claws and the archer flew as well. I looked around for a weapon; I saw a small wood-cutting axe near the fireplace. I grabbed it and ran for the monster.

The End

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