Prying Eyes



I watched closely as Lyra was lowered into the water and was fascinated as her entire body melted into the water. When she was drawn back out of the water she had no visible injuries. I wanted to check her thoroughly but Yara was by her side looking after her and she probably knew better what to look for, so I paced around behind her trying to keep from getting involved. It was difficult seeing her in this condition. She shouldn’t have needed to be healed in the first place. I should have dealt with the vinger sooner, before it could bite her leg half off.

Soon though, everything was back to normal. Lyra was back on her feet and was soon mounted on her horse. We set off again, I was leading with Lyra and the other two fell in behind us. For the next few hours as we travelled Lyra was chatting away to me about everything she saw, constantly asking questions. She seemed to have completely forgotten about the vinger, which was good. I answered as many questions as I could but it was difficult because when I was half way through an answer she would ask another question. I was saved from this when Destran suggested we stop for a rest. He went about making his fire and cooking his food as I stayed by Lyra’s side. I didn’t want to leave her after what had happened earlier. I wanted to be able to protect her if anything happened.

Soon we were handed food by Destran. It was the same as the last food we had received, I was considering showing him how to hunt so as to get some proper meat for his food but he seemed happy enough with it. I lost all of my thoughts while staring at Lyra’s beautiful eyes. I could stare at them all day and still want more. They were astoundingly beautiful. I was drawn from my trance when Destran asked whether we could travel more this day before night closed in on us. Before I had a chance to answer Lyra told him no. She looked away from my face for no more than a second while answering him. Yara also wished to stay.

We made ready our sleeping arrangements and I took the first watch with Lyra as usual. She was singing softly to me for the whole night. Her voice was captivating. I was breathing in deeply to catch her scent when I noticed a different smell in the air. I placed my finger on her lips and her eyes shot open to look at me. I pointed her back towards the camp and picked up my bow. She slowly retreated to the camp and woke the others. Something was approaching slowly towards the camp. This was not an accident. We were being stalked like prey.

I readied an arrow on my bow and waited… 

The End

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