Thoughts All Around

We stopped to eat and rest, I made a fire and cooked up another stew.

"We're going to need to find a village soon and replenish our supplies." The two Siviere nodded, and Zahkon looked both wary and curious, before he turned towards Lyra and a look of admiration crossed his face. I looked away, the moment seemed so personal.

I ended up looking at Yara, lost in thought again, I wondered once again what could occupy her thoughts so thoroughly. She'd changed so much since I'd last seen her. She really acted like a lady, even when she was teasing me.

I passed around bowls of the stew and ate mine quickly.

"We still have a few hours of daylight left, should we press on?"

"Lets stay here." Lyra voted, looking away from Zakhon for only a second.

"I agree, my feet still hurt." Yara said, looking sheepishly down at her boots.

I grinned and put a little more wood on the fire.

The End

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