Trouble In Paradise



After Lyra had woken up she had been in a hurry to get away from me for some reason. After talking briefly with Yara she went and sat by the fire poking at it with a stick. As she was alone I decided to go over and talk to her to see if something was wrong.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I reached the edge of the fire and put my arm around her to keep her warm.  

“Fine” she replied distractedly before shrugging off my arm and getting up to join Yara and Destran on the other side of the camp. Her rejection of my concern hurt me and I wasn’t used to being hurt like this. I got up and walked over to the others as they were staring at something with loads of lines and markings on it.

“If we take this route, we can reach a safe point in the mountains before nightfall and we won’t stray too far from the track” Destran suggested while pushing his finger along one of the big lines. This thing must be a map then. A human device used for navigating. Yara protested with Destran about the route but I cut her off by snatching the map, briefly looking over it and then threw it over my shoulder to land in the small flames that Lyra had created with her stick.

“Zahkon! Why did you do that?” Destran yelled angrily, taking an ill-advised step towards me.

“That map would have taken you the wrong way and you would have ended up in danger. I may be a treetop dweller but I do know this area very well and can lead you the safe route.” I stated simply.

“Who says Iwanthelp, this ismyquest” Destran shouted, nearly taking another step towards me before Lyra jumped in and separated us with her body.

“Don’t fight!” she shouted. Her eyes were slowly darkening. They had already changed to a dark blue. “Destran, we know this is your quest but Zahkon is trying to help and save us from getting into situations which would be difficult to get out of without someone who knows this area so please just trust him!”. This little speech had stopped Destran in his tracks.

“Do you trust him?” he asked, now controlling his anger so as not to infuriate a Sievere.

“Yes I do” she replied immediately much to my surprise considering how she had acted this morning. Sievere women were confusing.

“Fine” Destran all but spat out. “Lead the way Zahkon”.

We broke camp quickly. I stepped out into the lead as they clambered back up onto their horses. I could hear that Destran was still complaining about his map. As I started walking Lyra rode up beside me.

After the sun had climbed fully into the sky, we reached a small stream that ran through the mountains and we stopped to drink and rest. Lyra had begun talking to me again during the morning, but I dared not ask what had happened this morning to make her ignore me like that. I could not recall what she had been saying all morning, I had just been listening to her beautiful voice as she chatted away to me. I was brought back to the present when she asked me what I thought. I panicked. “I’m not sure” I replied, hoping that was an acceptable answer. She looked at me for a few seconds before speaking again.

“You haven’t been listening to me have you?” she asked, her eyes starting to darken slightly.

“Sorry” I said, “But no, I haven’t. I was just enjoying listening to your voice I couldn’t even concentrate on your words.” I replied sheepishly.

“Oh” she said simply. She got up and walked away. When she was a few paces away I stood up and was about to go after her when I heard a snarl from behind me…   

The End

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