The Mountains

"Blast that Zahkon, he burned my map." I muttered as I mounted my horse. "Maybe he ought to just stay in the forest where he belongs." Zakhon took the lead and Lyra fell in step beside him, she was really learning how to handle that horse well. Yara came up next to me and smiled. I smiled back, unable to be angry anymore, and our little caravan headed off towards the mountains.

The grey slabs of stone rose up above us almost immediately, casting the path into shadow. Zakhon did not falter when the path vanished and the horses began to scramble over rocks and boulders. Eventually, we had to get down and lead them again.

We stopped for lunch next to a shallow stream, where a single beam of sunlight hit the water and sent light shimmering across the rock face. It was really quite a beautiful site, and I was grateful for the fresh water the stream provided.

The End

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