It was awkward coming out of my trance to find myself laid on Zahkon, the previous night I had been cold but this time I had been warm and cosy and it was only reluctantly that I allowed my vision to blur back into sharp focus. I found it amazing that so much heat could emanate from one person but perhaps that was just the nature of the Falath'Nakan, that they were naturally warm blooded and that they could keep themselves and as it transpired others warm just by being in such close proximity to them.

I stepped over the smoldering ashes which remained of the fire and made my way over to Yara who yawned sleepily.

“Morning” I said cheerily when I was positive that her vision was focused and she was fully awake.

“Morning Lyra” she mumbled pulling on her cloak for warmth before hurrying away to stir Destran who was still snoring contentedly.

I perched on a nearby rock, subconsciously prodding the glowing embers of the fire with a stick and reigniting it slightly. I gazed upwards at the menacing mountain which loomed over us like something so evil it could not really be describe, I was suddenly very aware of the dangers which we were likely to be facing whilst making our way up the rocky face of the mountain and felt a prickle of fear.

“Are you alright” Zahkon asked, coming over from where he had been sitting and putting an arm around me, making me feel instantly warm again.

“Fine” I replied shrugging off both his arm and his concern before getting to my feet and hurrying over to Yara and Destran who were both pouring over a map clasped in Destran’s hand.

“If we take this route, we can reach a safe point in the mountains before nightfall and we won’t stray too far off track” Destran was saying, running his finger along the route.

“Yes but if we go this way…” Yara began but before she could finish Zahkon had snatched the map out of Destran’s hands, examined it then tossed it over his shoulder into the small flames of the fire.

“Zakhon! Why did you do that?” Destran demanded, taking a step towards him anger clearly visible in his eyes.

“That map would have taken you the wrong you and you would have ended up in danger, I may be a treetop dweller but I do know this area very well and can lead you the safe route.”

“Who says I want help, this is my quest” Destran shouted angrily but stopped shouting when I forced myself between Destran and Zahkon to stop them clobbering each other.

“Don’t fight!” I shouted, my eyes turning a deep blue and threatening to darken further, “Destran, we know this is your quest but Zahkon is trying to help and save us from getting into situations which would be difficult to get out of without someone who knows the area so please just trust him!” I said giving him a look which made him bite his tongue to stop himself arguing back.

“Do you trust him?” he asked trying to keep his anger under control, he was obviously not used to dealing with an angered Sievere and looked taken aback.

“Yes, I do trust him”

“Fine” he said bitterly, “Lead the way Zahkon”

The End

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