After the Second day

The mountains stood out, dark and dangerous, against the gradually dimming sky.  Looking at them, I could feel the slightest stirrings of fear in my heart. Those mountains looked like the most inhospitable things in the entire world, nothing could possibly live there. There were no plants, no soft greens or blues. Just stone. I knew that the Castle Hava was built of stones from these mountains, but Hava was pretty and white, these mountains were grey and dismal. I shook myself out of these dark thoughts and set about gathering wood from the ground to make a fire.

"I trust you wont protest to a fire tonight, since we are out of the forest." I said to Zahkon. He nodded and sat down. He kept sending furtive glances toward Lyra and I frowned slightly, but proceeded to ignore it.

Soon a fire was crackling in the center of the camp and  I heated up some water in a small pan from my saddle bags and started adding dried vegetables to it. A simmering stew for dinner would be appreciated I think, with the prospect of the climb tomorrow. I dropped a couple pieces of some salted meat into it as well and the smell soon filled the air. Too late, I hoped it wouldnt attract certain animals that would come snooping around our camp for a meal.

"Dinner's finished." I said, serving three bowls of the delicious smelling stew and passing it to the two Seivere. "Eat up, we'll need our strength tomorrow."

"I'll take first watch." Zahkon said, bow already in hand.

"No," I protested. "You need rest, I can do it."

"Once again, you're leaving us out." Yara said, putting down her bowl and folding her hands gracefully in her lap.

"No--" I corrected quickly, "I was actually thinking we would be in the same pairs as last night."

"Then I vote that we take first watch." She replied with a smile. I smiled back hesitantly, I wasnt sure if I was looking forward to another long conversation.

The End

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