I came out of my trance as dawn was breaking through the dense forest. It was clear now why it was called the forest of illumini- when it was lit it was so bright and beautiful. Large leaves of a bluey purple with pink lines running through them surrounded us, and there was a chorus of birdsong welcoming the morning.

As I sat up I saw Lyra and Zakhon chatting to each other on the edge of our camp. I rolled my eyes. Did she not see he was clearly head over heels for her? Destran stirred a little way away from me and I quickly stood, not wanting him to think I was still in a trance. When he opened his eyes he stared around and caught my eyes.

"Morning sleeping clam nose."

"I thought my nose was normal now?" He asked blearily.

"The sunrise really brings out its size." I said cheekily. He threw his boot at me in jest and then got up, rubbing his eyes  awake.

"So Zakhon, where do we go this morning?" Destran asked.

"If we head this way," he answered, pointing "The mountains are a days walk."

"Lead on. We shall eat breakfast on the way."

I handed Destran some of the bread in the bag, and took some fruit for Lyra and I. Zakhon refused our food.

As we set off, leading the horses, I could not help  watching Destran. I couldn't work out the little something different about him that wasn't in his physical appearance. There was something about him, beyond growing up that was different about him. As if he wasn't quite himself. Perhaps all the training and the formalities had got to him, like he'd said they might. I frowned, puzzled.

We walked through the forest for hours, seeing new sights and new things everywhere. Zakhon and Lyra had begun to talk freely, whilst Destran and I walked quietly and deep in thought. It was only when we halted at the edge of the forest and stared up at the giant mountains ahead that I uttered any sound.

"They're..." But there was no word, not that I knew. I had heard songs about the mountains, of their vastness and height, but nothing compared to the real sight, not even sievere songs.

The mountains were dark, a greyish slate that stuck out in jagged spikes and seemed void of life. I shivered. They did not seem beautiful. They seemed terrifying, like great frowning rocks with evil intentions.

"We should camp here tonight. It will not be safe to climb soon; we're losing daylight." Zakhon said, sitting on the ground and staring at the mountains. Destran nodded and sat too. Lyra and I continued to stare at the mountains in awe and fear until Destran distracted us.


I turned and smiled.

"What do you think of them?"

"I think they are terrifying."

"You do not have to continue..."

"But I will." I stated. Nothing was stopping me from being on this quest. Especially not some evil rocks.

The End

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