The Juju Plant

My cloak provided me with much warmth against the bitter cold of the forest and soon my vision had slipped out of focus and I knew that I had drifted off into the trance which resembled human sleep.

My eyes regained their focus and I soon wide awake again, implacable timing as it transpired as it was time for the second watch of the evening, and I was paired with Zahkon and I felt a mixture of safety mingled with that of uncertainty about this. True Zahkon knew this forest much better that Yara, Destran or I did and would be able to navigate us safely through the woods and to the mountains however the idea that he may have an ulterior motive couldn’t help but cross my mind.

I sat huddled in my cloak for warmth, I wasn’t used to being cold as I was so used to the water in which Yara and I lived in acting as a barrier against the harsh winds of the world above and keeping us both warm.   

“You cold?” Zahkon asked and I immediately put my defense up,

“No” I replied quickly, “This is all just so new to me, the new smells, the wind, it’s just all so…”

“Fascinating” Zahkon finished, “You know, I have never seen the world beyond these woods, this is new for me too.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes, I just listening to the new noises that I could hear all around me and taking in the new surroundings, it was all so incredible … and to think my parents wanted to confine me to the waters, wrap me in coral and never let me explore in an attempt to keep me safe … oh if they could see me now.

“What’s that?” I asked nodding to the bright pink thing which Zahkon was using to tie his hair up.

“This?” he asked, tugging at the pink thing, “This is juju veins” he replied.

“When I still looked confused he elaborated, “The veins from a juju plant, there’s a Juju plant over there” he said pointed at a plant. I scrambled to my feet and walked over to the new plant with interest, it had big purple and blue leaves and bright pink veins.

“I take it you have never seen a Juju plant before” Zahkon noted.

“No I haven’t“ I murmured picking a purple leaf and a blue leaf and examining them both closely.

  “What does it do?” I asked.

“Do? It doesn’t do anything as such …”

“It just sits there and looks pretty” I finished and Zahkon nodded.

“Well I think it’s beautiful” I said grinning broadly at Zahkon who smiled back.

The End

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