Sleep Song

Yara hummed her song, soft and clear, it rang through the trees. She had a beautiful voice. All the Sievere's voices were beautiful, it was a part of their race, but Yara's was, captivating, I could listen to her songs all day. It reminded me of one of those days we'd spent as kids on the beach. She'd sung me more than a few songs, and I'd taught her some human ones, though I'd never been able to sing very well. The songs she'd sung were songs of joy and of love, and honestly, I didnt remember a whole lot of what happened that day, but Yara never sang in front of me again, there were rules about singing for humans, as we'd both found out.

Eventually, I could feel Yara beginning to drift, her responses would start to slow, and hesitate. She was tired Behind us, I could hear the Falath'Nakan begin to stir. Good timing. I thought, standing and turning towards the sound.

"Its time." I said, it wasnt exactly a question, but Zahkon's glowing white eyes moved up and down in a nod. He leaned down and touched Lyra on the shoulder and I tensed as her blue eyes flew open. I didnt trust the Falath'Nakan as far as I could throw him, but we didnt have much of a choice, at least he knew this forest. Its why I couldnt pair the two Sievere together, they didnt know anything about the noises of small animals and there might have been several false alarms. The seas slept at night, and they were calm and peaceful.

I made my way slowly towards my bedroll, where I lay down and closed my eyes. I missed the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the beach already. Fortunately, the sound of the breeze in the trees was close enough that with some concentration I drifted off at last.

The End

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