I sat uncomfortable on the back of the horse, holding onto the reins for dear life as though if I let go I would be flung from its back. The horses were quite fast and we had soon covered quite a lot of ground compared to what we would have covered if we’d have been walking or if Yara and I were swimming.

The air blew through my hair and I felt free, a wider world was open to me now I was out of the water and I felt a sense of exhilaration rush over me.  Soon the trees became thick and I became apparent that the sunlight couldn’t penetrate beyond the thick trees, meaning that the deeper we went into the forest the more daylight we lost.

“Dismount here” Destran called and I pulled my reins and my horse stop abruptly and making me wobble dangerously on the edge of the horses back. Yara jumped down immediately and began to stroke her horse’s nose however I was not so comfortable with jumping off a high horse especially when I had needed help getting on.

“I’ll catch you” Destran said jumping down from his horse, handing the reins of his horse to Yara to hold and hurrying to help me off mine. I jumped off and as promised Destran caught me and set me down gently on the ground then he turned around and whispered;

 “Something is watching us.”

We all quickly drew out our weapons as we heard leaves rustling and saw something emerging or rather someone. The man, seeing the weapons in our hands raised his hands to show that he posed no threat, we all held our ground tightening our grips on our weapons.

A man emerged from the shadows; he was quite a good looking man, with shoulder length jet back hair which was tied in a pony tail with something i didnt recognise and his eyes were pure white.

“Who are you?” The man asked, “Why do you enter the Forest of Illumini and disturb the peace?”

“I am Prince Destran from Hava Castle, we mean you or your people no harm” Destran said rather bravely I thought as the man carried a bow which his hand was now reaching for.

“These are my two companions, Yara and Lyra” Destran continued, “We do not come to threaten your people, we only want to pass through this forest to reach the mountains”

The man nodded, “I believe you, however you do know that you are going the long route through the forest towards the mountains … I can show you the quickest route if you would like?” he said taking a cautious step forward.

“Why would you help us?” Yara asked skeptically not lowering her blade even though both myself and Destran had after seeing that the man had not withdrawn his bow and started to attack us. Yara on the other hand had always been wary of newcomers and was clearly on the defensive.

“My name is Zahkon” he said taking another step forward, “I was exiled from the rest of the Falath'Nakan race for being different, I was supposed to be killed but my father couldn’t do it and he told me to run.”

Zahkon stopped but when no-one spoke he continued, “I have no home, I am on a search to find myself, to find my purpose, to find out why I am different and I think that a good way to start my search would be to help you!”

The End

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