The Forest

Things were still tense between the Falath’Nakan and the kingdom. Haven castle was close to the forest, but no one went into the trees, for fear of disturbing the peace between the two races.

I was determined to go through it, regardless of the danger, it was the fastest way to the mountains, the first step to locating the stone.

The bright light of day quickly dimmed as we entered the thick trees of the forest. Yara and Lyra both didn't notice at first. The two seviere were chatting girlishly about the new sights, the new smells, and the fact that they were dry. Having spent their entire lives beneath the waves, I didn't really blame them, and payed no attention. The light dimmed further, though it wasn't even midday yet, and my traveling companions fell silent.

Some people called the forest the Silent forest, but it wasn't because the forest was silent, no, the trees around us rang with the rustle of the leaves, the sounds of birds calling to eachother, the cries of animals both large and small. No, it was the silent forest because it made you silent. Silent and small as a mouse. The trees towered overhead, The path dwindled to a track, tree roots jutted up from the ground, ready to trip up an inattentive traveller.

"Dismount here." I said when the path grew so treacherous I feared for the horses' safety. "We'll lead the horses until the path widens again." My voice sounded muffled, nothing could speak above a muted tone here.

Yara jumped down immediately and patted her horse on the nose before taking the reigns in one hand. Lyra hesitated, a slightly nervous expression on her face.. I remembered that she'd needed help getting up there, so I went over to her horse and held my hands up. "I'll catch you." I encouraged. She'd no sooner than hit the ground that I let go and turned.

"Something is watching us." I whispered.

The End

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