Its Scent Is Unknown

I rose up out of my make-shift bed as the sky was just starting to turn from black to a purple pink colour. The sky was filled with clouds which amplified the colours created by the sun. I lay down on an outer limb of the tree and watched the glorious and triumphant sun rise up to take its place high up in the sky banishing the darkness for another day and ready to guide The People in their travels and assist in their workings. It was times like these when it especially pained me to know that I was likely going to be the cause of the end of my race. I could feel my heart start to die slowly when I thought of all the family and friends I would kill once I turned on them as my predecessor had, but no. I couldn’t let myself think like that. I couldn’t let myself slip into a feeling of helplessness. I had to resist my calling and the calling of my destiny. I would resist it, even if I had to challenge the Gods themselves to force them to protect The People from me.

I lay awhile longer on the outstretched branch of the tree. It was a huge tree. Easily as tall as the Castle Hava from the west that is depicted in the accounts of The Great War. The branches and the trunk were covered in a thick, heavy, blue coloured moss which housed an amazing array of insects and bugs, all of which were extremely nutritious to the Falath’Nakan but poisonous to the weak stomached humans. Those revolting creatures were worse than useless. They were constantly squabbling with each other and everyone else near to them. It was a wonder that they managed to keep the race going. They did not live in the trees as was proper, instead they murdered the trees and forced the trees into the shapes they desired with their wicked torture tools. They built their “houses” in this fashion. I had never seen one myself but I had heard accounts from the Falath’Nakan whom had participated in The Great War. As a child these stories fascinated me as I did not understand the consequences of their actions. Now I fully understood their treacherous acts against The All Loving Mother of The Land. If ever a human dared set foot inside The Forest I would hunt them down and make them pay for their crimes.

Thinking of this had gotten my blood boiling and without realising it I had strung my bow and had left the tree where I had housed for the night. I was now running through the tree tops. I had no idea where I was headed but my feet seemed to know where they wanted to go. I flitted from tree to tree, crossing clearings with huge leaps which carried me high into the air to land gently on the target branch of the next tree. I looked to my side as I continued on my way to see the large eyes of the tree beasts looking out at me from their shelter as I hurtled past. They were of no danger to me because I was moving away from them too quickly to be of any danger to them and so they did not feel threatened by my brief, if unexpected visit to their territories. To any but the Falath’Nakan they would have seemed fearsome creatures ready to kill at a whim, but really they were just being very protective parents who would gladly take on tens of Warriors who crossed their path just to protect their cubs. They knew they would not be able to kill all of the Warriors but it would give the cub time to escape to a safe place. Seeing this self-sacrifice in person was said to be one of the most heart wrenching things known to The People, yet they had to be killed as it was kill or be killed and this left the Warriors with no choice when they had to protect their families also.

As these thoughts flew through my head I continued on through the forest, touching branches for no more than a few seconds as I passed along my way. It wasn’t until a foreign smell entered my nose that I pulled up and stopped in a tree. This smell was not of the Forest. This was unnatural. I slowly and stealthily made my way forward through more trees until I suddenly had no more trees to climb to. I had reached the edge of the Forest. All that lay before me was blackened earth and the distinct smell of decay which filled my lungs with each stunned breath I inhaled. I had heard stories of the Wastes of Kavar before but those descriptions didn’t come close to the… wrongness that hung in the air like smog refusing to be dispersed by the wind. And with that thought I realised there was no wind. The air was completely dead. There was no sign of life neither in the skies nor on the ground and there were no trees to speak off. This place exuded evil. It was evil to its very core. A loud roar ripped through the air from behind a nearby hillock. I did not wait to investigate the source of this horrendous wail. I turned and fled back to the safety of the Forest.

The End

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