The Beginning

Destran strode off, back to his birthday celebration. I smiled at Lyra and we both ran back to the waves. As my body became one with the water again, I sighed. Tomorrow I would be riding, I would be free of the water and feeling the wind on my face, seeing the sights that Destran had told me about… it was almost too much to bear.

Lyra swam beside me, quietly contemplating. We passed other Sievere, and a shoal of kesh as we headed for the corals.

“Lyra?” I questioned, to get her attention. She gazed at me with her watery eyes. “You’re not going to tell anyone that we’re going are you?”

“We’ll have to tell someone. They’ll be worried.”

“We’re adults now Lyra. It’s time we went exploring.”


“Lyra, if you tell I’ll leave you behind…” I threatened cheekily.

She chased me through the coral bridges and startled a kesh who was swimming alone.

“Sorry!” We shouted back to her as she span in our wake.

“You know,” I mused as we stopped next to a large blue coral that was our favourite place to sit and sing, “We will need things to travel with. Clothes, horses, that sort of thing.”

“And how are we supposed to get that? We have no money.”

“Oh but we do.” I grinned and swam off to the deepest part of the corals. Here was a little chest, hidden in a miniature cave. I pulled it out and opened it, showing her the gold inside.

“How did you get that?” She gasped.

“I found it in ships that had sunk. And this one,” I pulled out a coin that was different to the others, “is the coin that Destran gave me as a start on my savings for my land adventure, when we were thirteen.”

“Do you think that will be enough?”

“Well by the looks of things, I have a small fortune here. So I intend to spend it. Are you coming?”

She nodded and we headed back to shore. We swam in to the caves and rested there until the day had truly dawned, when I stood and picked up my chest.

We entered the village and went straight to the clothes shop. We didn’t want everyone to notice a couple of Sievere on land. When the lady had accepted a golden coin for some riding gear and cloaks, we donned the cloaks and stepped out with a new purse for my coins. My new blue cloak felt warm and comfortable, although I was not used to having such heavy material on my skin. Lyra looked good in her green cloak.

We collected horses and led them to the edge of the city where we were meeting Destran. Lyra was wary of her horse, having never ridden one before, but Destran had given me lessons when I was younger and I stroked my horses nose with a smile.

Trumpets sounded at the castle, there was a cheer that the wind carried graciously to us, and then the galloping of a horse. Destran appeared, dressed in a dark blue cloak. He saw us and stopped, jumping from his horse. He surveyed our purchases and nodded with a smile, then helped Lyra on to her horse. When he turned to help me I grinned cheekily and hoisted myself up, while he laughed and pulled himself on to his own horse.

And then we set off, the three of us, heading out in to the unknown for an adventure.

Our own quest.

The End

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