A World Beyond The Coral Reef

The moon was clearly visible from the depths of the water which surrounded the castle Hava; however the evening was not still and peaceful like most other nights but quite the opposite, for tonight was the evening that Prince Destran and Princess Aria became of age. This had caused much excitement among both the humans and the Sievereans, as we all were well aware that this meant that Prince Destran was also about to set off on his quest, a quest which would show is diligence and prove his courage and confirm that he will undoubtedly be a great king.

I glided through the water gazing upwards at the cloudless night; the water muffled the music which was emanating from the castle and a soft breeze blew across the surface of the water creating small ripples. It was a perfect night for a party.

I swam upwards and my head broke the surface of the water and a tingling sensation came across me as I transformed from my water being to my humanoid one. As much as I loved the water, the world above had always fascinated me and the more I was told that it was too dangerous and I shouldn’t venture to far from the coral reef, the more I became adamant to explore it.

There was a soft breeze as I made my way along the beach which blew my long pin straight blonde hair ever so slightly. I breathed in the fresh evening air closing my eyes for a moment listening to the waves lapping the beach and the breeze which was blowing the lightest pebbles across the beach and into the tide.

I spotted two people sitting on the pebbles in the distance on the beach, one of which I recognized at once as my best friend Yara, the other it took me a little while to recognize as he had changed so much since last time I had glimpsed him from out of the depths of the sea … it was most definitely the prince Destran.

I moved slowly towards them rolling the loose pebbles under my feet as I approached, Yara looked up and gave me a warm smile. Yara had met the prince before many years ago … when they were both children and had grown to be very close friends, however an argument which had happened many years ago looked to have severed that friendship beyond repair. By the look on Yara’s face I assumed that they had matured enough to put the past behind them and start afresh.

I had always longed to meet the prince on the occasions which Yara had gone up to the surface to play with him as children however my parents had strictly forbidden it, having had bad experiences during the war with the people from the world above. So deprived the privilege of also being friends with the future king of the land I was forced to snatch glimpses of the prince from the water when his back was turned.

Having Yara as a friend however did have some benefits however; she was quite an adventurous, carefree spirit whereas I was not so much. It was thanks to Yara that I did eventually pluck up the courage to go against my parents wishes and emerge from the water and breathe the fresh air which I had longed to breathe for so very long.

“Hello” I said timidly to the prince, giving his a small smile which he returned graciously.

Yara took it upon herself to introduce me to the prince,

“Prince Destran, this is my good friend Lyra” she said.

“Nice to meet you” he said getting up and holding out his hand to shake mine.

I placed my hand into his unusually soft hands and we shook hands. He was so handsome; it wasn’t until Yara started talking to me that my gaze broke from his,

“Destran was just telling me what he is going to search for on his quest” she said and I turned to look at her with interest.

“Really what is he going to find?”

"The Seer Stone of the Sanfadier” she said with a look of admiration on her face, “and I am going to go with him”

“What?!” I exclaimed raising my voice an octave, “Are you mad, it’s too dangerous”

“I don’t care” she said, her arms folded and a look of certainty on her face.

“Well then, I’m coming too” I said before I had thought about what I was saying

“You’re the mad one now” Yara said

The prince looked from Yara then at me then picked up a pebble and threw it into the ocean, causing a loud splash. “Look if your both adamant on coming with me than you can both come but heed my warning when I say that itwillbe dangerous!” he said looking at the pair of us.

Yara and I both smiled, the adventure begins I thought to myself.

Time to explore a new world beyond the coral reef which I had lived in for what seemed an eternity.

The End

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