His eyes pierced in to mine, lit by a flash of recognition. Those eyes, like mine, glistened with the blue of the warm coral waters on a white moon cycle. I stepped on to the rock, allowing the skirt of my white dress to fall from my fist. As I stepped towards Destran, I remembered when we had first met.

The colours of the cave were beautiful, illuminated by light from the surface. The surface. I stared at the light coming from the source. I wanted to see where it came from. But we were not allowed from the caves until we were ten, and I had a whole year to wait. I had been grateful during the war, or at least told to be grateful, because my parents brought back such horrible news of loss and hate that the rest of the children shrank in fear. I listened intently however, eager to hear of the outside world. At that time, I had two years until I was old enough to venture out. Now I had one. It was too much to bear. I slipped along towards the entrance to the caves and when no one was looking I slipped out. I swam through the maze of tunnels and only stopped when I came across two separate paths. Which to take? I did not know. Eventually, I decided on the left and swam speedily up, in case someone was to find I had gone. I surfaced, and felt the change take over my face, neck and shoulders. It was not unpleasant; in fact, it was a delightful tingling sensation. I giggled and then looked around. I was not in the sea; I had surfaced in a pool. I was not worried, why would I be when around me was the world that I had always wanted to see? I climbed from the pool and looked down as the water tresses formed a white dress of soft, thin, loose material around my body. Then I looked at the world. It was surprisingly dark, although there was a small ring of light in the distance. I understood then that I was in a cave. We had been taught about these. I hurried forward, finding that I could move fast on these feet. When I stepped in to the light it momentarily blinded me. But then, I discovered the world; my new world. Purple sky, the two moons, everything as I had been told but much more beautiful. I laughed and skipped (a new thing for me) along the pebbles of what I had been told was a beach. Then I heard a voice. I slipped behind a rock and peered out, nervously. This was my first encounter with a human. I stared out and saw a little boy, my age, throwing pebbles in to the sea. I made the pebbles under my feet move and he whipped round. That was when I saw those blueeyes. Did all humans have Sievere eyes? Or was it just this boy?

I smiled as I saw him stood there tonight, just as he had been all those years ago. We had played together as children, and then talked about our different worlds as we grew. But we had not seen each other for several years, not since that last day when  we had argued... I wondered if he remembered that argument. When he had told me of his hunting trip and I had reacted angrily to him killing a Bovak. He had declared it shouldn’t matter to me anyway, since I was never going to get the courage to come and see the rest of the world anyway. I had been upset and he had shouted after me, apologising, but I had not returned. I thought back to how immature I had been, and then looked up at Destran as I took my last step. He was smiling. I curtseyed and he frowned.

“Now you learn your manners?” He whispered with a grin.

I laughed, and stood straight again, looking at his attire. He had loosened his tight top button, and shrugged off the waistcoat which lay on a rock nearby.

“When you come to my home in such grandeur, what am I supposed to do?”

 I smiled fondly at him. How he had grown! He was taller than me now, and he had grown in to the large nose I had teased him about. Now it made him look thoughtful and handsome. As I studied his features and attire, he did the same to me. It was the reunion of two friends who had grown, and could no longer fling their arms around each other in a friendly hug. But it was a reunion all the same.

The End

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