I felt a presence approach me. My white eyes shot open. My father halted when he realised I was awake. He stood, unmoving as a sentinel, for several minutes. I sat up and waited for him to move. As he stepped forward towards me he was subconsciously tracing the markings on the back of his hand with his other hand as he always did when he was nervous. I knew what was coming. I could feel it exuding from his body and mind. I had been expecting this day since I had learned I was different to everyone else. They were afraid of me. I was a liability to the entire race and I had to be dealt with.

He drew his knife and stared me straight in the eyes. I did not flinch away from him. I knew it was best for the race that I died lest I become as my predecessor had and end up destroying entire communities and myself.

My father took a step closer. He was now within striking range of me. I closed my eyes and whispered a short prayer to the Gods asking their forgiveness for being unworthy. I heard his clothes rustle as he lifted his arm. I lowered my neck giving him a clean shot so as I could die quickly. I braced myself for the bite of the cold steel. After several moments something wet landed on my arm. I looked up to see my father crying. This man, the leader of the community of the Falath’Nakan.  The unshakeable foundation of The People, was crying over having to kill an unworthy animal.

He placed the knife into my hand and turned to walk away. I was in complete shock. I deserved to die, why was I still alive? Why was he walking away? Before I could formulate any of these questions he stopped.

 Looking back over his shoulder he told me “This does not have to be your fate. You can always change your destiny. If you believe you can do anything.”

“But…but...” I stammered.

He turned to face me once again and I could see the hurt in his eyes. “Leave now Zahkon. You have no need to die yet”.

With that he left me. I sat where I was for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. He had put the entire People at risk for me. For his son. I could not help but smile. I was loved. He knew what my fate was to be yet he loved me too much to prevent it. Despite this clear display of love, or perhaps because of it, I could feel the hatred bubbling up inside me. I was the reason The People were in danger. I was the reason my father was put through this pain. I was not worthy to be his son. I was not worthy to be of The People.

From that moment I vowed to repay his love and faith in me. I would not fail him. I could not fail him. I stood up slowly. I placed the knife into my belt and took one last look at this tree top town. I turned and left my home, my people. I started my search.


I lay where I was after waking. My hand resting lightly on the blade that was always in my belt. I had that same dream every night since it had happened nineteen years ago. I could not shake that memory. And that dream every night was reminder enough of why I was and always would be alone. If ever I faltered in my never ending search it was there to keep me on course. To guide me and to give me a purpose.   

The End

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