The Prince (A Good Start)

I buttoned the white undershirt up to my throat, then shrugged into the velvet jacket laying on my bed. It was navy blue, with silver epaulettes and braiding. Pulling the on the black boots I completed the ensemble.

"Well, dont you look dashing." My sister said, coming in. She was dressed in a brilliant, sleeveless green dress that fell like a waterfall from her chest to the floor.

"Thank you, Aria." I said, blushing slightly.

"Really Destran, you've got to relax." My sister smiled, coming up and poking me in the nose. "It is your birthday party after all."

"It's yours too." I replied smoothly, turning back towards the mirror.

"Well, yeah, but they arent really here for me." Aria said, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "You're the one going to be king some day."

I swallowed hard. "I know that."

"Oh come on, you'll be fine." Aria encouraged me.

"First I have to do the quest." I said, fidgeting with my collar. I already had something in mind, but I was nervous about telling my father that.

"Son, are you nearly ready?" The king had impeccable timing with his entrances.

"Almost." I replied, turning. 

"Destran, we need to discuss your quest." The king said, jumping straight to the case as usual. "What exactly do you plan to do?"

"Well, dad." Aria began. "Usually the prince takes a pilgramage to one of the more remote places of the land, and brings back something there."

"Aria, I was asking Destran." The King said, frowning. Aria put her hands behind her back and shut her mouth tightly. "Now Destrian, what do you plan to do."

I took a deep breath and stood in parade rest. "Father, I plan to find the Seer Stone of the Sanfadier."

There was stunned silence, then my father laughed. "Destran, dont be insane. Now, its time to go down stairs and greet the guests. They will be arriving any moment." The man swept out of the room. Aria followed, shooting me a pitying look as she went.

The End

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