Fantandein: The Quest for The Stone of Sanfadier

A collaborative adventure set in the fantasy land of Fantandein.

A soft wind blew through the sails of the ships docked at Trephin port. Waves ran up the pebbles of the beach before hurrying away leaving only their wet footprints. ‘Tonight is the night’ the wind and the waves seemed to say. The night that Prince Destran and Princess Aria became of age. The castle above the beach was lit in celebration, a ball was beginning.

It was not twelve years ago that the Kingdom of Fantandein was at war. Race fought race, there was no mercy as they all fought for the possession of the Stone of Sanfadier. It was only after the stone had disappeared that King Stephan discovered it had been his own brother Sethos that had orchestrated the Great War. Lilian, Sethos’ wife, had declared the plan to the King and he had acted fast. Not fast enough to save Lilian’s life, as Sethos killed her with his dark powers and ran with their child, banished to the wastes forever. The King had suggested a treaty amongst the races, and as they stood round the parchment on the outskirts of the forest, Stephan felt a great sadness. He had lost so much for the power to see. He looked at his wife and children. Would he have risked them? As the parchment was signed, the races disappeared back to their own homes, taking with them their dead and wounded. The war was over. Stephan took his family home, and vowed he would never again risk so much for something that meant so little. His only connection to the stone would be to protect it, even though he himself did not know its location.

The people of Trephin made their way to the castle. In celebration of the eighteenth birthdays of his children, King Stephan had opened the castle gates to all in his land. As they climbed the path, some of the sea faring folk felt the wind blow through their beards. They nodded knowingly at each other. The Sievere were watching from their waves tonight. The wind was full of hope, interest and a wariness of the future. The men shrugged in their Sunday best, the women checked their hair, and the children skipped at the new breeze from the sea. Yes, the Sievere were very intent on the castle, and the folk wagered that every race and creature would be waiting with their ears on the wind to hear of the events of the night.

The castle gates opened and golden light spilled out. Wives checked their husbands were still neat and clean, and then the city folk marched in true sailor form in to the main hall.

The End

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