Ahk Wah: Outside a Convenience Store

Getting out of the asylum was the easy part. I had to dodge a few more bullets, but that was no problem.

The hard part turned out to be finding my daughter. Of course, they have moved her, I thought after checking all the places I thought she might be. Who would they have put her with?

The only person I could think of was my idiot of a brother. I knew he was an idiot, but everyone else who ever met him thought he was the most wonderful person in the world. How wrong they were!

The problem was that I didn’t know where he lived, and the last time I had any up-to-date information on him, he was in the military. In other words, it was anyone’s guess where he might be stationed. I quickly decided that was a dead end.

I sat out side a convenience store I had just robbed, eating some of the snacks I had helped myself to. The police were on their way, but I didn’t care. Their bullets didn’t affect me.

As I was contemplating my situation, I realized that my daughter must have been like me. She must have had a power; that’s the only way she could have done what she did. Rubbing my chin, I nodded. I had finally come up with an idea.

A police car sped toward the store. I was still sitting outside on the curb. The car swerved to a stop, and the officer on the passenger side of the car jumped out and yelled, “Freeze!”

I laughed. “I’m not going anywhere, Porky.”

When the two officers stepped out of the car, each with a gun aimed at me, I continued, “Guys, I have a question.” It was obvious that they weren’t use to the likes of me; they said nothing. They just kept inching forward. “Have you ever met a mutant?”

The question seemed to have an effect on them a little bit, for they both looked at each other. While they had their eyes off of me, I shifted into my gel state. They looked back at me, but they saw a blob instead of the man they were looking at previously. One of them cursed and then fired his weapon. The bullet went harmlessly through me.

I shifted my head back into the normal appearance. “Ouch!” I said it with a dramatic flare, laughing. “That bullet tickled.”

They began firing some more. Nothing exciting happened. I just gelled back. After they emptied their clips, I shifted my head to normal and said, “If you are done, I do have a real question.”

The rest of the story is kind of boring. I had to beat them both up a little bit. I gave one a bloody nose, the other a black eye. And, after going back and forth a little bit, I got my answer. My next stop was this special school for freaks like me.

I walked up to the outer gate, gazing at the massive complex. I smiled, thinking about all the trouble I could cause on the other side of the gates. If my daughter wasn’t here, someone would know where she was.

I walked in, heading for the main building in front of me.

The End

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