The Rebles


We are walking into a big room. I sigh, getting bored. I smile to the girl I'm walking with.

"See ya around." I say in my english accent and wink at her. She looks confused but I don't care about her. I make the illusion that I'm still there, still walking gloomly to my punishment when really I'm walking away.

I walk into a room confidently then see no one's there. I sigh, this school sucks! There's nothing to do!

I storm out that room and go into the next. Empty. I shake my head and climb out the window. I land perfectly on my feet without getting injured. I can see a group of guys mucking around. I smile and head there way.

"Mind if I join?" I ask smiling at allof them. They stop what they are doing and look at me. I smile at them as they take in my pale skin, my red eyes and my blonde hair. I'm glad I wore my short shorts today and my tank top.

One of the guys stands in front of me and looks me up and down. He's the leader of the gang, I can tell from the way the others look at him. He smiles at me. "What's your ability?" He asks in a husky voice.

I smile at him, showing my white teeth. "Well, it's this." I say and look at one of the small guys. I'm thinking of pain. Of tons and tons of agonising weight being droped on him. The guy screams out in pain, unable to move.

I stop at look up at the leader who is smiling down at me. "Illusion?" He asks taking a couple of steps closer. "Yep." I say,my voice light. I start a illusion with him. I know he's a reble but I also know he's a guy. And all guys think the same. This one is what he wants.

It's his muscular arms around my waist. Him pulling me closer and kissing me passionatly. I stop it and the guy smiles down at me. "Am I in?" I ask, my red eyes looking into his green ones.

"Oh, you're in alright. The names Tom." His husky voice says. "I'm Faith."

The End

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