Ahk Wah (Formerly Roger Walker)

My room is dark and gloomy. All rooms at an insanse asylum are dark and gloomy, some may say. But, mine is darker than most. I should know. I have been transferred from one room to another.

Eventually, they put me in my present room and throw away the key. Sure, they throw food in once or twice a day. At least it seems like twice a day. It is difficult to know how much time passes.

All I really have time for is thinking, and I have been doing a lot of thinking. I know now that I did not drown. But, was I close to drowning? Was there real water? Those questions still plague me.

Deep down in some hidden recess of my mind I love my daughter. I loved her mother, but something happened, and I pushed those feelings away. I remember beating her. It was a release of some kind. It soon became the most pleasurable thing I could do in any given day. I must get that feeling back.

The drowning feeling stayed with me many days and nights. I don't remember sleeping much in the beginning. I sleep now ... soundly.

I noticed one day that my hands were wet, but the room was dry. Each day my hands became increasingly wet. One day I touched my left hand with my right hand. My right hand went straight through.

I tried walking through the wall, but I bumped my head. Later I tried it again. I didn't go through the wall, but I felt no pain in my head. Plus, my head seemed to change shape as I hit the wall. So, I ran into the wall. I bounced off and hit the floor.

I lifted my head, noticing that my body was a gelatinous blob on the floor. It soon came back to its normal shape. I experiemented with my new found ability, and soon I realized I could change the shape of my body like a liquid that forms to a container.

I knew then how I would get out. My room was not air tight. I could slip through the cracks.

Now is the faithful time. I am a little nervous. I don't know how far I can stretch myself. I have gone pretty thin in my room, but how thin will I need to be?

I concentrate, willing the power to the fore. Starting with my head, I squeeze through the crack between the door and the wall. It is nearly paper thin, but I get through with no problem.

I return to my human shape once I am in the hall. I don't know which direction to run, so I just randomly pick one. I turn a corner. There is a guard there.

"What are you doing out of your room?"

"Escaping, of course," I reply. "What type of imbecile are you?"

He begins to answer but soon realizes what answering that question would mean. He unholsters his gun, saying, "Stop right there!"

I run forward. He fires, but I am ready for him. I gel my body just enough for the bullet to go straight through.

"Who are you?" the guard almost yells.

"My name is Ahk Wah," I say as I knock him to the ground.

In his delirium after being hit in the head, he says, "Aqua?"

"No, Ahk Wah!"

The End

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