Fnord: All Wrong

Did you get that?

Get what?

Mimic the ability to see what people's worst fears are?

Oh right--yeah. I thought you meant what today's lunch special was.

Fnord had followed the two out of the class. Ol' Wolfie Boy was dealing with something he would consider a real threat. Fnord, having dragged her Winged Bishie Boy around with her (she was going to need to grab a leash, or something), had watched how the X gene had presented the illusion.

Now then, who do we want to target?


No--I do not think we could possibly psionically analyze ourselves to possibly figure out what our fear is.

I suppose there is that desk.

Naw--tried that. The desks only fear is that one day he will learn there are no Ent-Wives.

Lil' Angsty looks over at the fluffy and over weight Fnord, "You, fatty, what are you staring at?"

Fnord looks around and shouts out, "hey, would who ever the fatso is here, answer that?"

Lil' Angsty looks over at Fnord, "fine feast on your..."

Oh hi there.

We have a friend.

Oh! I shall get the fine china!

But I do not have anything to prepare--or wear!

Do... do we actually wear anything in here?

I dunno--I particularly go aw natural.

Aw natural means you don't shave.

Your point?


A very find point. I only have Dragonslayer, killer of elves, dwarves and and baby seals. I need to conceed.

Lil' Angsty conceeds as well, "oh... dear...", she just looks at Fnord, scared of just what goes on in Fnord's head.

Ol' Wolfie just looks over at Lil' Angsty and Fnord. The back at Storm who was still standing, "looks like the trouble maker did the same mistake ever new psychic who comes here who thinks they are hot stuff has done."

Ol' Wolfie walks over to Lil' Angsty, putting his hand on her shoulder, "some minds, you do not delve into."

Lil' Angsty just stands there and screams her head off.

Shoot--she left all our thoughts all over the place.

Wait--we didn't get to mimick her ability. I wanted to bring terror to her mind. Now the ability to mimick her X Gene has run out. We should have done something, but we didn't get to!

Or did we?

The End

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