Freya: My Power is Cooler than Yours

We have been training for an hour or two when Storm suggests we go upstairs for a break. We exit the Danger Room, ready for a full lunch.

As we approach the foyer, or the main lobby area, we hear screams coming from Beast's classroom.

Storm and I look at each other, and take off at a dead run towards his room. We hear Logan say, "Storm, we have a trouble maker on our hands!"

As we come into view, Logan's eyes go wide and he lets go of the girl he'd been gripping.

She doesn't seem to notice me, but instead begins to talk to Storm.

"I can make your worst fears come to life. Would you care to see?"

"What are you talking about?" Storm asks. A moment later, she's sunk to the floor, cowering like a child and crying.

"What are you doing to them?" I ask, horrified.

"Making their worst nightmares come to life," she replies smoothly with a sly grin on her face. "And guess what. You're next."

I can feel her try to break into my mind to find my worst fear, but I imagine a very large, thick steel wall encompassing that area of my mind.

"Be careful. You're treading on your own turf," I say, menacingly.

Her concentration falters slightly when she realizes that she can't enter. She tries harder, and if feels like someone's hammering on my "wall" with a sludge hammer; I can feel the vibrations reverberate in my head, and I begin to get dizzy. But I won't back down here.

"You asked for it," I remark a moment later when she has yet to stop pounding on the wall in my mind.

I blink, imagining that I'm slowly pushing my wall back, encasing my entire mind, and she's left on the outside of my skull. I then proceed to drive her back into her own mind, wondering how she likes being locked in a dark, small room with little oxygen, or drowning in a large, salty ocean. Or even being encased in a little glass box with spiders, centipedes, worms, and all those other creepy crawlers that I know she's made everyone else see before.

I imagine that she's burning up, just like the boy who crossed me four days ago; only she's not harmed. And then I imagine that she's trapped in a maze with no enter and exit. She runs around in circles, every turn bringing to her a dead end.

A hand places itself on my shoulder, and I jump, letting go of my hold on her mind.

She gasps, horrified at what I've "done" to her. But then she seems to remember that it was all just an illusion.

"What did you do?" Storm asks me.

"I made her stop," I answer shortly. The girl, who's name I discovered was Faith while I had been delving into her mind, glares at me with suck pure hatred. If looks could kill, I would be dead twice over.

"Yes, and though I'm grateful, I don't believe what exactly you did was just," Storm says. "We'll talk later; Meanwhile, you, Faith, will have to face the consequences for your irresponsible and disrespectful behavior. I do not want it to happen in these hall ways ever again," Storm says, voice forcibly calm, though with a hint of a hard edge.

Logan stands up and glares around. Apparently, he seems to be the first to notice the large crowd that has gathered around the area.He then turns to glare at Faith.

"If this wasn't a school, you would be on your ass, kid; and the moment you stood up, I'd knock you back down again," he growls angrily.

"Only if you survived the illusion," she says quietly, voice just above a whisper to where only Logan and I could hear.

"Everyone, get back to your class. The excitement is over," Storm orders. One by one, the students return.

"So how did you do that wall trick, thing? Are you an illusionist too?" Faith asks me on the way to Storm's office.

"I imagined the wall there. And I could be if I wanted to. I can be anything I want, simply by imagining that I am. It's how I got the colors in my hair. I had a dream with 'em, and woke up like that. I haven't bothered to make them go away yet," I reply smugly. I'm thinking in my head, "my power's cooler than yours," despite how childish it is, and smirk to myself.

"That's impossible. You wouldn't be allowed to day dream very well. Daydreaming of some pink flying ponies would get you in a lot of trouble," she counters disbelievingly.

Some very small pink flying ponies are buzzing around her face one moment, and in a mili-second (before she can make too much noise and draw Storm and Logan's attention to us) they're gone.

"Incredible, but I'm still not convinced," she whispers.

"Your loss then, I guess," I tell her.

The End

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