Faith: Causing Trouble.


New school. No one is around so they must be in class already.

I open a random classroom door and walk in, taking the free seat at the back.

Everyone's looking at me and I just smile. So many to chose from, who first? There's a guy at the front covered in blue hair. He must be the teacher. He gives me a puzzled look. "Another new student? Well hello, my name is Beast." I nodded at him. "My name's Faith and I'm your worst nightmare." As I say that a few students laugh but Ilook at Beast, making his fears come alive.

His eyes go wide, thinking it's actrually happening. I laugh. "What are you doing?" I keep the illusion going but turn to a winged boy. "I'm doing this." I make the illusion happen in front of his eyes, him in Beasts place. Two at once, lets try for a personal best!

I turn to the rest and make their very own fears come true. Many of them started screaming, some of their powers becoming out of control. I get up, laughing, and walk out of the classroom. That was fun. Where next?

I keep on walking untill I bump into a big animal like bloke. "What did you do in there?" He grunted. I laughed. "Justmade their fears come alive. It's still going on if you want to watch?" I shurg and turn to go but he grabs my shoulder in a tight grip. "Strom! We've got a trouble maker!" He yelled and about a minuets or two later a lady with dark skinand white hair walked towards us.

"Come with me."

The End

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