Mitch: Here We Go...

I fidget in my seat for a few seconds, feeling incredibly awkward. As if the highly unstealthy sneaking wasn't bad enough - not that I said anything, I was too confused to say anything at that stage - now I have to introduce myself to a class full of complete strangersLarge amounts of people looking at me have never been my thing. Ah well, suck it up and deal with it. They're not going to eat me, right?

"My name's Mitch," I say, sounding a lot more confident than I feel, "I'm kinda new here. Just got here actually, Fnord's been keeping an eye on me."

Fnord? What a strange sort of name, sounds almost Scandanavian. And what the heck is a Bishie? The winged part is obvious, but the "bishie" I have yet to figure out. I'll just ignore it and hope it doesn't mean anything particularly dangerous.

The Beast nods, looking at Fnord strangely as she giggles beside me. Something tells me she's a bit of a clown around here. Either that or the bane of every teacher's life. This looks like it's going to be a very interesting sort of place indeed.

"Welcome to the school Mitch," he says, "Remember, Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted is a positive open environment to be free to be who you want to be. I hope you make the most of it, and of whatever talents you may posses."

Talents, I snicker, mine are pretty obvious from the start. It's not like I can hide the things is it? After that quick introduction, the Beast turns back to writing on the board.  I groan, knowing I won't enjoy this class. Not because I hate literature of course.

I just can't read.

The End

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