Fnord: Timed Wrong

Haha! That girl was worth ten points!

Before combo too!

Oh! Here is Blue Scary Hairy's class.

The oak door to Blue Scary Hairy's door was cracked open a bit, "okay, students if you will sit down."

Hah! See! Time extensions are real.

Damn! ... Guess I am paying for lunch for the next weeks.

Lunch would never tastes sweeter when somebody else is paying for it.

One of these days, you will pay for lunch!

The sneaky girl opens the door to sneakily enter the room, and sit down in her desk. Leading her partner in--alternative legal endeavours--into the room to sit down at some desks completely unassuming. The teacher and kids looking in their direction as the sneak into their desks.

"Miss Fnord, so nice of you to show up. Who is the", clearing his throat to try to be respectful, "guest you appeared to have kidnapped?"

"Oh, hi--this is Ol' Wingie. A Bishie I found. Clearly they have decided that we should be drawn as one of those Japanese cartoons to attract a larger audience. I found him, none of you can have him!"

The beautiful larger woman points around the room, ensuring everybody knows the rules of "finder's keepers"

The large blue hairy man adjusts his glasses, "so--we are an Anime this week. Okay, I shall note it in attendance. The other teachers could use the warning." Prof Blue Scary Hairy goes to write some notes on the board, "pull out your copies of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. I figured it would be best to cover the political commentary level of that novel, as oppose to the literary elemens of Death of a Salesman. Besides, I know how much people hate spoiler--"

What? No humour involving dead skeletons in a haphazard grave yard? No talking on stuff about Yorick?

Well--we do get some nice witch burning scenes.

They did not burn the witches in the Crucible. They hang them.

Pfft! Mostly because of prissy stage hands not liking a tiny amount of fire.

Well--there is our solution. We don't do a tiny amount of fire.

You read my mind.

Blue Scary Hair turns around, "by the way, I have never been properly introduced to your friend there Fnord."

See! Told you kidnapping is the best way to make friends!

Hah! Out of paying lunch this week!

I was paying for lunch--and for two weeks now.

You'd think at least we would be able to tell each other apart.

"Would the young winged man care to introduce himself. He appears to be a new face around here. He is not quite as nervous as most that close to Fnord and at least seven--"

--at least eleven, without getting overly creative actually--

"--fire hazards. Please, I am Beast. What is your name?"

The End

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