Fnord: Winged Bishie Boy


With a catlike grace and acute senses of a bat--

You bumped into that boy!

That REALLY short Boy. He is shorter than us.

The boy let out a cute little squeek, "Sorry! Didn't see you... got a bit confused."

See! This is why Hairy Scary calls us Fnord. We confuse people AND they do not see us.

Quickly--look for that Illuminati birth mark--


The boy unfolds his--wings.

He is a bishie!

Told you this was a fan fiction!

Maybe it is one of those Japanese cartoons?

Well--there are tentacles in the danger room

The catlight serene girl giggles quietly to herself, while looking at the short boy's wings.

He puts out his hand awkwardly while talking, "Sorry... I'm Mitch, just got in. You wouln't happen to know what the heck is going on around here would you?"

The serene and beautiful fluffy girl kneels down and kisses the bishie's hand. He appeared to be at his low point in the episode, and would likely need a female heroine to help him work his way towards mastering his power of pure angst.

"I do not know anything about what is going on around here. Fifth amendment and statute of limitations and plausible deniability and all."

Get up you fool! There are not enough sparklies for being down ths long.

Aren't those edited in afterwards?

I dunno--I have never really been in one of those Japanese cartoons before.

The fluffy, beautiful intelligent girl gets up, and says, "you look like you are in Blue Scary Hairy's class. He is discussing Shakespeare's shout out to The Spanish Tragedy in Hamlet on a section on the need for comedic relief in stories."

The boy clearly puzzled in amazement on the larger more beautiful woman's genius, gives her the cue to grab his arm and drag him down to Blue Scary Hairy's class, "I am called, 'fnord'. Blue Scary Hairy name me affectionately. Saying I tend to cause confusion, frustration and anger, and people try to forget I am here for their own sanity. I am going to call you Winged Bishie. Maybe Archthingy Micheal is am in a particular happy mood."

It is Archangel, saying Archthingie makes you look stupid.

"I mean, 'Archangel'." She corrects herself before looking up, "happy?!"


The beautiful girl looks back to where she was going, realising she just ran through a group of kids, without adding it to her total point score, never going to get her initials in the top ten that way, "Anyways, time to get to Blue Scary Hairy's class."

The End

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