Mitch: Clutz

I'll admit, I got rather lost after Storm and Alli left. I wandered about the corridoors, orientating myself, pretty much. I've always had a good sense of direction and I soon got my bearings in the place - which was a good deal bigger than I'd first expected.

However, when it came to classes, I was utterly lost. I follow a large group of people, but soon find myself bumping into a girl, a lot taller than me and a bit wider around the middle, and nearly tripping over myself.

"Sorry!" I manage to squeak, "Didn't see you... got a bit confused."

I look up into the girls face. She seems almost amused by my predicament. I flap my wings to get myself straight again and she giggles at their dishevveled state. Note to self: I really must do something about those.

"So... err... hi." I say again, holding out a hand for the girl to shake, "I'm Mitch, just got in. You wouldn't happen to know what the heck is going on around here would you?"

Oh gods. I sound like such a twit it almost scares me...

The End

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