Fnord: The New Girl

A mid teens girl walked up to a door for the infirmary. It had the typical symbol for an infirmary. It was long rectangular--complete with the lettering "infirmary"

That should be a dead give away.

The door was ones of the metal ones. Fnord had gotten into the subbasement.

You know, they do not like us sneaking down here.

That IS why we do it, you know. We are the fun love able character of this show.

Now--not a show. It is more like a fan fiction I am sure. Now, to get Harry Potter in here some how.

Wrong show.

Pfft! We shall see!

The rather sexed up girl--

You are not wearing anything that nice.

So? I am always sexy. I am what the fans love. My award winning smile--

Your thirty eight inch waist--

What? People will look around that, I am sure.

Anyways, the overweight sexed up girl not wearing anything particularly sexy pulls out a small note with the room of the new mutant.

Yes! This is the room. The one with the new girl!

What was her power again?

I think it was to make her mind make stuff she imagined real.

Haha! This is awesome! Now I can have finally have all the powers to make my reality real.

Right--don't make it lame though.

Pfft! I want this to look and sound good. We have an internet connection, we know that Slash is only funny due to how it could never happen.

So--that prank next thursday then--

That is still happening. How else will we get the thirty free ranged chicken and nine metric tonnes of sour kraut.

The girl, pushes in the buttons on the dash board to open the door. Opening to slide to review her dream of--

"Fnord! What the hell are you doing down here?!" Wolfie boy shouts, standing in the door way--having interrupted her putting in the code to enter that room. It was fairly rude of him. He grabbed her wrist. Pulling it back from the control pad.

"Why, Wolfie Boy, charming up the world, with my mutant power--my wonderful sense of humour?" knowing fully well, that he would be charmed by this.

"Fnord--you're truly Deadpool's kid." he said scowling.

"They have not gotten any of the paper work on the paternity test. I mean--"

Wolverine interrupts, "You don't smell the same as Deadpool, but your mannerisms and actions point you to being adopted."

"Well, then I am family, so I can go in--"

Wolverine lifted the cute, funny and intelligent girl up by her wrist, walking down the hallway with her--to the elvator--

Think of something!

You were always the smartest one!

I know--I just like the fact you know that.

"I could mimic Alison's abilities. Just watch her a bit, and then I can help her out, my natural healing abilities could--"

Wolverine snorts, "right-- remember Wednesday two weeks ago, how you were put onto pool cleaning duty?"

The young girl, trying to put on a look like she had learned what she did wrong, and wanted to do better, "Yes--I learned my mistake and--"

"Remember why you got taken off of pool duty a week later?"

The cute, chubby--fluffy actually--girl, carried away by her wrist being lifted laughs uncontrollably.

Yeah, that was good.

My idea, remember, I was to take credit for that.

Of course--you get credit for that. However the next day was mine.

Pfft! Only until the new details come out.

They had gotten the elevator to the top of the shaft--opening to an oak hallway, where the cute, funny and intelligent girl gets tossed out, right into  table, with a shout, "Stay out of the sub basement! And get to class!"

The fluffy, cute and charismatic girl gets up, dusting herself off. She had gotten flinged out of the elevator in a graceful meaningful manner. The two boys who had stepped out just stared-clearly jealous.

Those are looks of "WTF" (sic) on their faces.

So looks of being jealous then.

Only the best kind.

Fnord walks down the hallway, swaying her full hips. To her class.

Which one was that?

What ever one looks the most interesting.

The End

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