Alli: Fight?

"Allison, something's happening. Tell Storm to get here fast," Logan's panicked voice resounds in my head.

"Storm. Logan needs help," I say quickly.

We look at each other, our eyes sharing all the information we need. Something's wrong with Freya.

"Mitch, find any other student, and have them show you around. If they try to refuse or back out, say that it's Storm's orders, okay?" Storm said.

He nodded, and Storm and I ran as fast as we could to the infirmary. The elevators, though state of the art and pretty darn fast, weren't fast enough.

But finally, we made it through the maze of halls underground to the infirmary.

Inside, Logan was trying to hold down a screaming and thrashing Freya on the table.

"I don't know what happened, One moment she was fine, and the next, she's like this," Logan said.

"Freya, can you hear me?" Storm asked firmly, trying to help hold her down.

At the far end of the room, a large hole opened up in the floor, swallowing one of the infirmary's operating tables. She had stopped screaming now and lay deathly still, with only her breathing audible.

The hole stayed there for a few seconds more, before closing up. Then the walls dissolved and we were outside. We were under a large oak tree, and the sky was a perfect blue. The temperature was great.

"This is what's going on in her mind. She's experiencing different things and places all over again," Storm said, looking at us.

"I can tell that much," Logan growled, his hands still hovering over her shoulders in case she started thrashing again.

"I'm gonna try talking with her," I said, taking a step forward.

"No. That will make it worse. Whatever she's going through has to happen so she can reach a peaceful state naturally. Otherwise, at any given moment, she could relapse back into this state and have to start all over again," Storm said, her hand at my shoulder to stop me.

A few moments later, we were back in the infirmary, and Freya gasped. Her eyes flitted open and she peered into their faces, confusion spelled plainly across her features. And then she turned to me, and her face twisted into an evil glare. If looks could kill, I would be dead.

"You," she spat, sitting up and ripping the little censors off.

I took a step back.

She slid onto the floor and started walking towards me. Finally, she had my back pressed against the cold metal wall and she was standing inches from my face.

Freya was only five inches shorter than me, but that made no difference at all. To be completely honest, I was terrified.

She must have been imagining herself slightly taller, because suddenly, we were eye level.

"You're going to pay," she whispered menacingly.

"Freya!" Storm yelled. "Freya, stop it!"

She pulled back her fist and started to rush for my nose. I ducked at the last second, and the crunch of her bones was audible.


The End

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