Freya: The Interworkings of a Fragile Mind

I run down a long corridor made of silver metal. It's obvious that I'm underground. I just can't tell where underground is.

I take a left. Everything's all the same; I can't tell if I'm going the right way, or if I'm going around in circles.

Oh, I wish somebody could help me.

My colorful hair falls in my face, but I push it out of the way quickly so I can see where I'm going.

Damn, this is like a labyrinth down here.

Another left, and then a right. It's a dead end. I turn around. I'm trapped, and the walls start to close in on me. I panic, looking for a way out. I begin to pound on the walls, hoping somebody will hear me.

One of the metal panels shatters, and I exit out the tiny hole.

It's a wooden hallway this time.

I hear a constant drip, like a faucet that wasn't turned off. It's irritating beyond belief.

I hesitantly step forward, and a hole opens into a shaft; I fall through.

I begin to scream and flail, but the bottom never comes. I just keep falling, and falling. It feels like hours have gone by, but I know that can't be right. I just fell.

I can see a light below. It's dim, and it's just a sliver, but as I continue to fall, it gets brighter and larger.

Suddenly, I'm falling up. And back down. Up, down, up, down...

I'm on a trampoline?

I only bounce a little higher, and then I hit a hard floor. It's a metal room again.

"Hello?" I call out.

The walls disappear, like on those slide shows with the pixel-like transitions. I'm outside, on green grass, underneath a large, shady oak tree. The sky is a pristine blue, and the sun is glaringly bright. The temperature is what I call perfect; about 82 degrees farenheit.

Birds zoom by, chirping as if this is just another day. But it isn't; not for me, anyway.

I try my best to recall what had happened before I came into the labyrinth. I had been at a train station, and a man was there. He looked wild, untamable, like an animal, but he was handsome. Thick dark hair, a square-like face, wicked side burns that stood out about a half inch.

He had taken me to... to... a school. Yes, that's it; a school. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

There had been a woman, with white hair, and black skin. Her name was... Storm. Yes, Storm was there. And there was a girl, too.

Aiden? No... Allison. Allison was there.

But what happened after that?

I gasp as the realization hits me. The needle! Allison had been the needle! She lied; she had promised that it wouldn't hurt, but she was wrong. It hurt, so terribly.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I can feel that pain there, that same, burning feeling the needle had caused in the back of my skull. The needle Allison had put there.

My blood boils as my anger rises. She. Is. Going. To. Pay.

But first, I have to figure out how to get out of here.

I stand, and suddenly, I'm back in a metal room. But I'm laying down, and there's worried faces peering down at me.

I recognize Logan and Storm, and Allison.


The End

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