That'll Teach You.


Okay, this school isn't like all the ones I've been to. The have people here with abilities. This means even more fun messing with them!

I walk through the doors where moments ago a dude with wings was having some trouble. Ha! Gutted! I can see lods of things here, it's alright, all very posh. I smile evily as I can see my first victims. They're a bunch of girls giving me dirty looks.

I most of the time I can tell what peoples fears are, it helps with the illusions. Their evil glares are turning into white shock, their ultimite fears are happening in their minds, but they think it's truly happening. I laugh at them as I walk over. I stop the illusions and whispered to the leader "Don't ever look at methat way again or I'll make it much worse."  

Well that was fun, time to explore and create mayhem.

The End

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