Alli: Winged Stranger

I came around in a matter of seconds, and when I looked up, Logan and Freya slung over his shoulder and he and Storm were taking her down to the infirmary.

I rush to follow them, and stumble a little from the lightheaded-ness, catching myself on Logan's steel-like arm.

"You okay?" he grunts.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

As we're passing the main entrance, Logan stops and sniffs the air. Carefully, he lays Freya down and pulls the door open.

"What are you doing here," he growls at a boy he's picked up.

The boy, obviously frightened, begins to stutter and babble. "Logan, he's one of us," Storm says after I tell her what I sense, using my telepathy.

Logan puts the boy down, and Storm tells the boy, "We'll be right back. We have to take this girl to the infirmary, and then I'll be back up to show you around."

"Thank you," he stammers. I can clearly see that he has wings tucked behind his back.

Logan picks Freya up again, and a few minutes later, he's laying her down gently on one of the metal tables.

"Logan, stay here and keep an eye on her. Alli, come with me. I want you to show the boy around after I get him settled in. We won't be doing any probing for the rest of the day, after what happened with Freya. Oh, and, I want you to know that Freya isn't your fault, no matter what happens, okay?"

I nod in response and follow Storm back up to the lobby.

The End

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