Mitch: Garbled Explanations

Thank the gods they didn't see me, I think as I clamber off the back of the car and onto the mansion steps. I'm shaking with exhaustion, even standing up seems an effort at this stage. Ah. It appears they've shut the door on me. I raise my hand to knock it, but hear screaming come from the inside and take several hasty steps back. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

However, before I can do anything, the door opens to reveal a rather scary-looking individual glaring down at me. I yelp and try to scramble away, but he reaches down and picks me up by the back of the neck as if I were weightless.

"What are you doing here?" he growls.

"I... I didn't... I'm sorry, I really..." I try to explain, to apoligize, to say anything remotely useful that won't get me shredded, but all that comes out is a lot of incoherent babbling.

Then a woman appears behind my new friend, "Put him down Logan," she says, "he's one of us. He probably followed you here in the car."

"Yes!" I blurt out, relieved that someone else has managed to explain what I couldn't. The man, Logan I presume, gives me a hard look, eyeing my scruffy wings suspiciously. Then he puts me back on the ground, all 5ft 2 of me, and steps aside. I take this as a hint to enter and skitter nervously inside, only to find myself confronted with an unconscious girl.

Something tells me I'm interupting something...

The End

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