Freya: The Depths

The mansion, with as big as it is on the outside, is even bigger and better on the inside.

When you first come in, there's two large oak stair cases, one on either side; then, below them on either side two long corridors stretch out, and then there's a third between the stairs. Being that I am currently not upstairs just yet, I do not know what it's like upstairs. But I should imagine that it's not much different.

"So kid, what's your name?" the man that brought me here asks.

"Don't you already know that, too?" I retort rudely.

"No, I don't. They didn't tell me everything about you, just where to pick you up."

"What's your name?" I say, reflecting the topic onto him.

"Logan. Sometimes, though, they call me Wolverine," he answers, looking at me with a raised eyebrow, as if expecting me to tell him my name now.

I sigh reluctantly. "My name is Freya."

He nods, leading me down the middle hall way between the stairs. Out of one of the wooden wall panels, that appears to be a door, a tall, slender black woman with short spiky white hair and gray highlights walks out.

She's wearing black leather-like skinny jeans, and a nice white top that accents her hair.

"Hello, Freya. Welcome to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. As you may have guessed, this isn't exactly a normal school. It's--"

"Yeah, I know. It's a school for freaks, or as the public is calling us, mutants. I prefer my first term, though. I'd rather be a freak than an inferior mutant. So what exactly do you guys teach, if this isn't a normal school?" I ask, cutting her off and sounding a little ruder than I had planned.

"Well, we do teach the normal academics here, but we also help teach you and others like you how to control your power, so that it doesn't overwhelm you. I make no promises that your stay here will be easy, but when you get used to it, you'll be more comfortable.

"Bye the way, I'm Storm, or Aurora; though I would prefer you stick with Storm," she adds.

"Thank you, Logan. I appreciate you helping out," Storm says; Logan nods and walks away.

"First of all, before we get you settled in, would you mind allowing us to run a tiny test. It's painless. We're just trying to figure out what your power is and how strong you are," Storm asks me.

"Why not?" I say flatly.

Storm leads me down some other long corridors to an office. I didn't even bother paying enough attention to where I'm at, or how I got here.

"Hi, Freya," A blond girl says, turning around in a leather seat. "I'm Allison, but you can call me Alli. The test, that Storm mentioned, isn't really like a test at all. Basically, I get inside your mind just to see your strength of power. It's painless, I promise," she tells me confidently, with a beautiful smile.

I'm weary though. I can't read her thoughts in her eyes, like I can with most people. Usually, the eyes say everything.

"Just relax. It'll only take a minute."

I feel like I'm at a Pediatrician's office, about to get the flu vaccine.

Alli comes and stands right in front of me, placing her hand on either side of my face and peering into my eyes.

I feel a prick in the back of my mind, like a needle poking through a thin membrane, or trying to at least; or even a worm, poking around through the dirt.

It's painful! I imagine that the needle is pushing harder and harder, trying to attain access, but I can't let it. It will destroy me.

"Let me in," I hear, a quiet voice resounding in the depths of my mind.

"Who are you?" I ask, starting to really get frightened.

"I'm Alli. The girl you just met. Let me in. I'm not going to mess with anything, I'm just taking a look around," the voice says gently.

I take notice of an echo, whenever she speaks.

"If I let you in, the needle will get in, too. I can't allow that, it'll destroy me," I say with panic.

"What needle, Freya?"

"The needle, the needle that's trying to get through. The harder it tries, the more it hurts," I say. I feel like a child, telling my mommy I can't let her into the bathroom I've locked myself in because the monster will get in, too.

"There's no needle, Freya," she replies.

"You don't know! Get out, stay OUT!" I scream to the needle as it gets it's point through.

"Freya, calm down. It's okay. There's no needle getting through, it's just me, I promise!"

"NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" And with that, I imagine a burst of power emanating out of the center of my mind, pushing back every force that's trying to enter.

I feel something shake, like an Earth quake, and everything goes black.

The End

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