I'm not like most sixteen year olds. I'm evil. That's what people say but I just laugh at them. My parents didn't laugh though. That's why I'm here, in America, hopefully getting a tan.

My skin is really pale, probably because I've lived in England all my life. At the moment I'm in the car, getting taken to a special school. Ha! More like everyone's scared I'll attack them or something so they're putting me in a school for the gifted.

I know that no matter where I go, I always make my presense known and I love it! You might think it's because of my looks, pale skin, spiky blonde hair and redish eyes, but no. It's because I've got a ability to create illusions. I think it's funny when I mess with people, they have no clue I'm even doing it!

The white limmo stops outside some fancy gates. I roll my red eyes. The limmo parks and I get out, looking around my new school. It's a mansion. Cool! And I'm already turning heads. This is going to be fun!


The End

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