Alli: Incoming

"Logan?" I sent.

"Yes?" he growled impatiently.

"We have a visitor. I've alerted Storm, but she told me to have you go and pick her up. At the train station. You know the one," I replied calmly.

"What's her name?" he asked.

"Freya. She's fragile. Be careful," I sent, disentangling my mind.

Ever since Charles Xavier died, along with Jean Gray, I'm the only telepathic mutant here strong enough to use Cerebro without harming myself.

Charles Xavier was the founder of this school. When he died, Storm took over as dean, or principal, or whatever you wish to call it. He was bald, got around by way of wheel chair, with blue eyes. He was a good man, and the school isn't the same without him. But we're still a great refuge for mutants with no where else to go.

Jean Gray was the only known Class 5 mutant. She was telekinetic and telepathic, and she had to personalities. The calm, serene Jean Gray, and the other, darker side, who called herself the Phoenix. That side of her was what destroyed her; she had too much uncontrolled power, and finally, it got the better of her. If Wolverine, or Logan hadn't been there to stop her, she would've wiped out most of New York.

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts.

"Alli? Did you tell Logan?" Storm asked, breaking through my weak barrier.

"Yeah. He should be on his way right now," I answered.

"Good. Thank you," Storm said, and disappearing altogether from my mind.

It was only a matter of time until Freya got here. I can tell that she's strong, but I can't tell what class she's in from this far away. When I meet her, then I'll be able to tell.

The End

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