Thought's of Death


I pressed my lips against Elle's own plush, full ones. I knew that as soon as I did that I'd screwed up pretty bad. This would mess up everything, but at the moment I was too preoccupied to care about any sorts of rules - or maybe my hormones were. 

She stiffened as I slipped my hand around her neck, just to make sure she couldn't escape as I deepened the kiss. She stiffened, before relaxing and was very obliging as I clutched her hair in my fists. 

Elle wrapped her arms around my neck, stretching up from her sitting place to she could reach. She caressed back of my neck, as she did so, a single face flashed through my mind.

'Elle?' I mumbled against her lips. She pulled away slightly.


I thought of my girlfriend back at the magic academy, Naomi Jones's her name. She's two years my junior, with long honey-blonde hair and hazel eyes and tan skin, quite a beauty. I was lucky to grab her before other boys her age managed to do so themselves. Naomi was just something I used to pass the time, but she said she was in love with me and, thus, we've been in a relationship for a year now. She'd literally kill me -or Elle- if she found out about this.

'Nothing.' I said quickly, shuddering at the thought of an angry Naomi. 

'W-what?' She stammered, untying her arms from around my neck. 

'Nothing,' I repeated, I had to cobble something up quickly, 'just didn't think you'd kiss me so easily.'

'Oh no, I shouldn't have kissed you.' She said, starting to fret over it.

'Why not?' I smirked, licking my lips to enhance the redness of her cheeks. 

'Because, I barely know you,' she scowled, shoving her hand through her hair, 'God, I'm just asking for trouble. First I skived off school, now I just broke a rule that I just learned.'

'Hmm?' I shrugged, 'rules are there to be broken, Elle, you need to loosen up some.'

A terrified look skimmed across her face, and she stepped away from the bed, clutching her stomach, 'no they aren't! Breaking the rules's what got my parents killed!!'

"Oh really? How do you know?"

'I came back after breaking a curfew! They here on the floor dead, I watched them burn, it was my fault, I broke the curfew and the fire started in my room!' She said, her breathing quickened until she finally broke and covered her face with her hands as she cried. 

I wasn't affected by her tears, because this must have been ages ago, 'So? I set fire to my bed last summer at school because I left a lamp on next to it, you probably did the same thing,' I patted her head in an awkward, unsympathetic way.

Elle's eyes widened, 'my parents died!'

'Oh yeah? Guess what, my entire family was slaughtered right before my very frinkin' eyes, Kat's just my mentor, the the other two or just my classmates. Brothers, sisters, parents. No one was spared 'cept me! But I've dealt, I go over it.' I said angrily, not understanding how she could get so worked up over a couple of deaths. 

'You can't just get over it!' She cried, shocked by my lack of interest in death of family members, 'they brought me up and cared for me after I was tossed into the orphanage without a second thought!'

'So, wait,' I laughed manically, 'you don't actually know the pain of your entire family dying? Your real family?' I said nastily.

'They were my real family! They brought me up from being a baby! I don't know, and don't want to know the women who gave birth to me. She and my real father must've been pretty pathetic parent's to dump me in a orphanage a week after I was born.'

'No parents are pathetic!' I growled in a menacing tone, 'every mother and father has a reason to abandon their child! Don't talk like you know everything.'

'They dumped me in a box. No clothes, no blanket, no food; they left me to die

'I can't deal with you right now,' I clenched my teeth, running a hand through my hair, 'your such a child. You know nothing of the hardships magical families go through to have even just one child, so many tests on them, approvals, inspections!'

'And you obviously don't care about me at all! Born to protect me? What a load of bull. You know what? I really do hate you, never come near me again.' She swirls, around to leave.

I get up off the bed and grab her wrist, 'I'm not just your familiar, Elle. I'm your teacher because you have no clue about your real parents or magic. You'll be stuck in a world you cannot control if you don't have me to help you along in baby steps,' I let go of her wrist, disgusted by her insolence, 'leave now, Elle, leave now and come back once you've grown up and understand reality.' 

'I can't believe I let a twat like you kiss me!' She snarled, she pushed me away with such force I was thrown against my bedroom wall. She appeared even angrier when I didn't flinch, so she promptly left my bedroom.

I sighed furiously, 'stupid girl.'

The End

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