I am not a skiver. I needed to know. I made it three more steps towards the school before turning and racing after Alex. When we reached the door to his house he held it open for me. "Back so soon hey" a women says walking into the hallway and stopping. Kat, I think her name was. "Oh" she breathes at the sight of me.

I wave one smiling for a moment then looking round which I didnt do last time. Well, I was preoccupied. I glance over at Alex who winks at me causing me to blush quite a bit. "Yeah, just thought I'd bring her over to explain"

"Oh, she realised?" Kat says brightly. "Thats wonderful"

I shift a bit awkardly. 'Its okay' Alex's voice whispers into my mind rubbing my shoulder. "Yeah, she's just realised" Alex says to Kat giving her a look which makes her eyes widen a bit.

"Oh, sorry. You guys can go upstairs" Kat says. "Lunch will be ready in a bit. I'll avoid the third step if I were you though"

Kat leaves and I look at Alex with a raised eyebrow. He taste my hand the feel of his skin on mine making me stumble as he pulls me forward. God, I got it bad. First skipping school and now stumbling at a brief touch? Get with it girl!

When I step on the third step which Alex skips nimbly my food falls straight through. I scream just as I'm about to fall. Then suddenly I stop. Alex stares wide eyed and I look over my shoulder to see its like my shirt is being held up by some invisible person. I put my feet on the ground and the force vanishes.

"That might be useful" I mutter tugging down my shirt and blushing. Alex is looking at me so focused and I look at my toes feeling like he can see my soul. I cough hard and Alex looks a bit embarassed then.

"Sorry" he says looking away. His face turns furious. "That must of been Alice and Rob. I could kill those two"

He looks at me and laughs when he sees my eyes wide like saucers.

"Not literally" he says and retakes my hand pulling me up the rest of the steps. We reach the first floor without fault and walk slowly to his bedroom. When we're there I faultered. Alex looked back at me confused. "Whats wrong?" he asks. I shake my head firmly.

"Nothing" I mutter and step in. Alex closes the door behind me having to lean close to me to reach the doorknob behind me. My heart quickens and as he pulls back he hesitates close to look at me.

"So" he mutters stepping back allowing me space to be able to breathe. "Where should I start?"

"What is a familiar?" I ask beginning to look round the room which is quite basic.

"It is the witches.... guarder? I guess you could call it that. We protect our witch for life and make sure they dont get hurt"

"Why does a witch need someone to guard it" I ask turning to face him. "Surely with all the funky powers we can protect ourselves"

"Not just protection from bodily harm" Alex shrugs.

"Oh, are familiars like.... a witches soul mate then?" I ask blushing.

"No" Alex says looking away from me then. "Love between a witch and their familiar is forbidden"

My heart drops and I stand there. Alex looks up and watches me tilting his head. "Oh" I breath sitting on the bed and swinging my legs. Alex walks over to sit next to me.

"Yeah, I think thats the rule I hate most" he says leaning back on his arms making my gaze flicker to his body. I yank my gaze away but Alex notices sitting up.

"There's more?" I mutter raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah" Alex whispers his warm breath touching my cheek when he leans closer. I turn and look at him. He's looking at me so intently I suddenly find it difficult to breath and my heart starts pounding so hard its like its trying to escape my chest.

"Like what?" I whisper.

"I dont think either one of us wants to talk rules right now"

"What do you think I want?" I breath.

"This" Alex whispers then kisses me. Such a tender soft kiss my heart is pounding heavily in my chest.

The End

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