Some Magic


I was, just like yesterday morning, waiting outside by my postbox for Elle to leave the house. It was a Monday and she would be off to school, so there really wouldn't be any point in trying to explain myself. 

I looked up from the flower patterns on the black box and towards Elle. I gave her a once over, smirking as I took in her school uniform. Her bottle green cardigan, blouse with the school crest stitched on and little black skirt made me smile. It had a sense of nostalgia about it.

I couldn't help myself, and chuckled. Elle looked up, surprised. A crimson blush spread itself across her pallid set of cheeks.

'Morning.' I called, she pretended not to hear me but made it blatantly obvious that she didn't want to talk to me after I called her a witch yesterday.

I jogged after her as she departed down the footpath, 'hey. Elle.'

'What?' She said briskly as she quickened her pace so she could escape me. I think I was starting to look like someone who had a few screws loose. Which I didn't. I'm certainly not insane. 

'About yesterday-'

'It's fine. I get it a lot.'

'What? No! I wasn't insulting you! I'm a familiar, and your my witch.' I explained, like it was the most reasonable thing in the world.

'Yeah. Right. Just stop making fun of me.' Elle hissed, flicking her hair back, becoming faster yet again. 

Then your telling me this isn't magic?

'Talking isn't magic, mate. That's just...' Her voice trailed off and her eyes popped out of her skull, 'oh my god.' 

'I know. Quite a handy skill, innit?' I smiled like a cat, revealing my entire set of teeth, 'I can see the future too.'

Her expression hardened again and she returned to her fast pace, 'some people can talk with their mouths closed.'

'Think of a number.' I told her.

Whatever, it's not like you'll get it anyway... 23.

' "Whatever, it's not like you'll get it anyway. 23" ' I mirrored her exact wording and tone of voice (thought?). 

'Eh?' She gasped, stopping. No- freezing. Literally. The whole world seem to be on pause, the pigeon above us, the old lady on the other side of the road. Even the leaves which had been scuttling across the pavement due to the light breeze.

I stared in awe, but when I blinked for the second time it was all over.

'Just like in the hospital' She thought.

'It's happened before?' I asked.

'Um.. yeah. Just once, for a second. But... wait. How did you see it all? Why did you stop too?' She stumbled over her words, trying to say more that she could in one breath.

'I already told you, idiot. The whole familiar/witch scenario.' I said, slightly irritated that she'd ignored that important aspect of the whole situation.

'Oh. Well.' We stood in a awkward silence, it's uncomfortable atmosphere washing over us. 

'Do you care about school today?' I asked her suddenly.


'Great.' I beamed at her, before walking off back towards my house, 'if you want an explanation about the predicament you're in, you should probably follow me.'

The End

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