Crushing on a Crazy


"So you enjoyed my food then?" I say as we sit outside on the swinging garden seat. Cassie and Melda had so nicely offered to clean up and give us a moment to 'catch our breath'.

"Very much. The twins are terrible cooks" he says flashing me a bright smile.

"Well, I clearly worked out you liked it. I wasnt sure by seconds but by sixth I was deffinetly sure" I say making him laugh. We fall into a awkward silence and I realise how my leg is pressed up to his on this small seat. "So?"

"So.." Alex says flashing another smile. "Why are you being so dense with me?"

I stare at him confused. "What?" I say a bit offended.

"I'm your familiar" he says as if I should completely know what he's on about but I'm just left dumbfounded.

"A what?" I say trying to inch away but am unable.

"Familiar" he says looking confused. "I'm your familiar and your my witch"

I stand up. "I am not a witch" I say offended. "And I'm certainly not your anything" I put my hands on my waist and Alex gets to his feet shock.

"Surely you know" he insists. I fold my arms and raises my eyebrow. I give him a look saying 'are you kidding with me?' Alex stares in shock. "Wow... this is awkward"

"You think?" I say sarcastically. "I invite a guy round for dinner and he calls me a witch. Awkward doesnt cut it"

"I didnt mean it offencively" Alex says suddenly looking flustered.

"Uh huh" I say putting my arms on my hips not looking convinced. Alex sighs heavily and I rolls my eyes. "Look, I think its best if you just leave"

Alex nods and begins to move away. "Thanks for the dinner" he mutters embarassed.

"Yeah huh" I say. "I'll see you tomorrow"

"Tomorrow?" he says raising an eyebrow and making me blush. He smiles slowly and steps forward again. He moves forward to kiss my cheek and stops there. "I'll see you then, Elle" he breathes in my ear.

I cant stop the shiver and when he steps back he flashes a smile that makes me quiver inside. Once he's gone I slump back onto the garden swing. Am I really that easily swayed by one mystery boy with good looks?


I once again finding myself unable to sleep. I find myself thinking about what Alex said. Could I really be a witch? Were my birth parents? Well, they would be if I was a witch wouldnt they, I muse.

I shake my head firmly and turn onto my side. Then again there was that freaky moment at the hospital. I froze everyone. They literally stop moving at a flick of my wrist. Although, I was almost wishing for that. Maybe I imagined it cause I was feeling creeped out by that girl, Olivia. I shiver at the memory of her.

I roll over onto my other side and force my eyes shut seeing Alex's face. I groan flopping onto my back. Seriously? Either creepy women or the face of my crazy crush? I dont like feeling so uncomfortable.

I sigh and relax closing my eyes. When Alex's face slip into my mind I let it relaxing. I let the different feelings wash over me. The little quickening of my heart like a bit of love and then the annoyance at his confusing actions. The way he'd say something and deny it. The way he'd say something and it was like only I heard it. Could I of been the only one who heard it?

I dont have time to stray on it cause I fall off to sleep.

The End

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