Hearing Things

"So, wanna come to mine for tea?" Alex says walking next to me keeping pace with me easily even with my fast pace.

"I can't" I say trying to keep calm through my thumping heart. "I'm cooking at home tonight"

"Oh..." he says 'May I come?'

"Sure, I guess" I say and Alex smirks.

"Sure, what?" he says and I clench my teeth a bit irritated. What is it with this guy? Its like he's not saying things that I can clearly hear him say.

"You could come over for dinner" I say turning to face him irritated. "Look, I dont know what game you're playing but stop pretending your not saying things"

He looks shocked. "Oh..." he breathes then jumps back. "Sorry, guess I just thought- When should I come over?"

"Seven" I say with sigh a bit annoyed by his cryptic speech. He flashes a smile and strokes my cheek with his thumb making me almost melt from the touch. My eyes flutter almoss closing but I step back putting a hand on my hip. "A bit forward, arent you?"

I raise an eyebrow and Alex chuckles stepping back. "I guess" he says. "I'll go now and tell my... my family"

I watch him walk away and my heart skips a beat when he looks back at me. I shake my head and turn to head to the supermarket.


"I cant believe you invited him over" Cassie teases watching me go through my wardrobe. "Is that why you're changing for dinner?"

I blush and shake my head pulling on some lightly hugging jeans and a patterned top. The pattern being angel wings. I turn to face Cassie folding my arms. "I am not putting in extra effort" I say heading out of my room. Cassie follows easily as I head down the steps towards the kitchen.

"Yeah" she says, sarcasm dropping into her voice. "I totally believe that"

I glare at her. "I think its nice Elle invited over her friend" Melda said as she stood watching over my food. "It might be nice to meet one of your boyfriends once in a while, Cassie"

"He's not my boyfriend" I say blushing. "He's just new to the neighbourhood and he happened to be around when I was going shopping for food"

"Mmhm and like I'd bring any of mine to the crazy house" Cassie says taking a seat watching me cook. Then there was a firm knock on the door. "I'll get it!"

"No" I panic as she races off. Gosh, why am I panicking so much? Melda chuckles helping me serve up.

"Oh to be young and in love" she sighs making me blush. Then Cassie brought Alex into the kitchen chattering away but the moment Alex's eyes met mind all of that slipped away. I blushed and looked away. "Seat?" I say gesturing to the table.

Is that really all I can think of to say to a guy I just invited to dinner? At my house. That I cooked. Man, I'm starting to think Melda and Cassie are right. I have a crush and I have it bad.

The End

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