The loud sound of pan's banging in the kitchen made me awake with a start, and I knew it was Rob and Alice's turn to cook. Which meant I wasn't going to eat tonight, because I knew all too well they'd put something disgusting together and think their creation was amazing. 

I tried to stretched out my legs on the short single bed I was lying on, but ended up getting the hem of them caught in the bed frame. 

Standing up, I glanced out of the window to see a crutch and  pot-free Elle hobbling down the street, in the direction of the local convenience store. I stared at her back for a second before slipping on a pair of converse and jogging through the house.

'I'm going out.' I told the two in the kitchen.

'Come back and eat our dinner, though.' 

'Yeah, whatever.'  I said dismissively, waving a vague hand. I left the house and sprinted after Elle as fast as I could. Something distracted me while I was running... I could sense the presence of a familiar that was not Rob nor Kat's. Before I could look into it more, I had caught up with Elle. 

'Hi.' I gave her a short wave.

'Hi.' She mumbled back, letting her hair fall over her face.  I tucked the strands behind her ear, and she looked at me with wide eyes.

'You look better without it shrouding your face.' I said quietly, she sped up as if to get away from me but I fell into step with her easily. 

'Um, what do you want?' Elle asked, her voice shaky. As though she thought I was making fun of her.

'Well, Rob and Alice are cooking tonight. So I'm getting my dinner from the shop tonight.' 

She chuckled, then caught herself and went silent. 

'Is their cooking that bad?' She asked.

'You can come over and try it if you really want to.' I muttered darkly, flashing her a smile. Elle blushed, looking at her shoes.

Your a witch, damn. I finally found you and your too dense to realise it? Realise!

She glanced at me quickly with a confused expression on her face, before fidgeting with her fingers, twisting them together.

'So, how old are you?' I grinned, she looked a little younger than me. If I had to I'd place her at sixteen. 

'I'm seventeen.' She said in an irritated voice, I looked at her questioningly, 'you?'

'Eighteen.' I replied curtly, 'so are you still at school? Or are you a drop out?'

She looked at me, shocked, 'I'm not! I'm taking my A-Levels!' She huffed, 'what about you?'

'Drop out.' I patted my chest, though it was nothing to be proud of. She gave a me something of a dirty look and carried on with her speed-walking.


'What?' She said, a little agitated.

'Didn't say anything,' I smirked.

Oh, she's the one. She is the one.

The End

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