Everybody Freeze


I found myself sitting at the hospital waiting for Melda who also had an appoitment. I prod the pasta salad on the table in front of me. "Doesnt look that nice does it?" a voice says. I look up to see a girl with long straight blond hair dressed up in tight jean, a tank top with jean jacket and high, sharp black heels.

"Not really" I say putting down my fork and taking a swig of my bottle of coke. She smiles and takes a seat. I frown a bit cause of the fact she didnt ask. She folds one leg over and rests back.

"I'm Olivia" she says sticking out a perfect manicured hand.

"Elle" I say reaching out and taking it in a loose grip. She squeezes it brightly and I feel like she could crack my bones if she tried. I pull my hand back quickly and a smile spread slowly across her face. Its almost a sneer and holds cold glimpse of meaness in it.

I shift in my seat. "So what you here for?" she asks with a flick of her hand looking at me piercingly.

"I had my cast took off and I'm waiting for my lift back to school again" I say with a shrug beginning to prod my food again to distract myself from those cold grey eyes. She raises an eyebrow.

"School? You're still there?"

"Yeah, why?" I mutter shifting in my seat feeling awkward.

"Oh you just look older is all honey"  she says waving her hand. I narrow my eyes and she flashes me a bright smile. "So, what you up to at school?"

"I'm studying english lit, history, music and art" I mutter quietly feeling myself beginning to get uncomfortable. Who is this women? Her gaze on me makes myself feeling a fear in the depths of my soul.

I flick my hand annoyed. Then everything stops. For a moment I'm looking round with a worried gaze. Then everything restarts. "Is something wrong?" the girl then asks as I suddenly get up.

"Oh no" I say and look at my watch. "I have to go"

I pull my bag up onto my shoulder and race away down the dank hallways. I finally find Melda in the pharmacy and she turns to me with a frown. "You okay?" she asks frowning at how I bend over to try and catch my breath.

"Yeah, um, can we go?" I ask feeling panic caught within me.

"Sure" Melda says smiling brightly. I walk slightly hobbled. I really shouldnt of ran because my leg now aches a bit. I get into the care carefully being gentle like the doctor said. "So, school then"

I smile back at Melda who pulls out of the car park with ease but I cant get this feeling of fear out of the pits of my stomach causing it to roll and churn.

The End

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