She is

I stood at our useless letter box and traced my fingers over it, recoiling slightly as the coldness of it shocked my fingers.  I pursed my lips, which I'm quite sure must have been turning blue on the freezing morning that surrounded me. 

I'd been waiting patiently for fifteen minutes for Elle to leave her house to get her pot removed (Cassie told us) at the hospital. 

My eyes snapped upwards as I heard her front door open, her guardian walked out the door, shortly followed by the girl herself.

I took a deep breath, whispering a calming incantation to myself as I went, I opened my mouth t call her name. But she launched herself into to car from the pavement curb at a freaky speed. Her guardian smiled at me apologetically before climbing into the shiny red car herself.

I let out a long, mournful sigh before striding back into my house. Kat said that the witch would have dreams involving the familiar so they would be able to pick out who she would be with. So she must have had one by now, after seeing me in the flesh? What could be more obvious than that? 

She must be really dense or something because I knew from the moment out eyes connected.

'What's wrong with you?' Alice prodded my arm. Rob popped out from behind her.

'Was that ginger girl your witch?'

'She's not ginger, it's called auburn.' I grunted, running a tired hand through my hair, I didn't have enough energy for the two of them at this time. 

'You have a ginger witch.' Rob repeated earnestly, giving a small giggle with Alice. 

'Well, then, Rob has girls hair.' I retorted. I knew I'd make matters worse by getting into an argument with these two, they're both fourteen but act like nine-year old's; flaunting their childish innocence through their jokes. 

'It's just long!' Alice snapped, 'we like to look the same!'

'Then why don't you chop your hair off, Alice? And give Rob the chance to look like a boy for once,' I sighed as I walked away from them. I could feel their angry looks boring into my back, willing me to trip and die or something along those lines.

I took the stairs three at a time, taking advantage of my long legs. Turning left, I met with my bedroom door. 

My room was quite plain, just a regular wooden-frame bed, a wardrobe and empty bookshelf. I don't feel the need to have petty possessions like game consoles and toys, the only things I need are a bed and clothes. Maybe a book once in a while. 

I flopped back onto the hard mattress and wondered what Elle's room must look like.

I turned over, still pondering, hoping I would fall asleep and clear my mind of everything when I did so.

The End

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