The Dream

I lie in bed listening to the eeirey noises of the night. The rustling leaves outside my window which I'm proud to say has a window seat. Then the slight tick of the clock outside in the hallway. I roll over onto my side finding it impossible to sleep. Alex's face enters my mind and I mentally scream at myself.

I flop back onto my back staring up at the veils that hang round and over my four poster bed. I feel the cotton fabric of the quilt cover irritating me and making me squirm. I force my eyes shut only to see Alex's blue eyed gaze. His soft gentle feture. Skin that made me want to trail my fingers over it. What am I thinking? My eyes snap open and I groan pushing a hand back through my hair.

I roll back onto my side squeezing my eyes shut seeing his face again. I remember the tingle of electricity that ran up my arm. That magnetic pull that made me want to melt into his embrace. It made me feel like if I did so I wouldnt need anything else. That would be wrong though cause then it would be like I didnt need Cassie who pulled me back up from deep within myself. Or Melda, Cassie's mother, who took me in a treated me just like her own child.

I found tears slipping down my cheeks. I could feel my heart aching for my parents. For the parents I never knew that gave me life. For my adoptive siblings so far away. And for that new boy across the street that I barely knew.

With all those thoughts running through my head. I found myself dreaming of Alex leaving me smiling in my sleep.


Tree's towered almost as high at the sky round the opening of long waving grass. The leaves were a bright emerald green and dropped from the branches like pure jewels. The grass was a mix of baby green and wheat yellow. I lay among the grass taking in the fresh scent of water dew from summer rain.

I turn my head to the side and side Alex lying next to me his gaze capturing mine. I notice the loose white cotton shirt and trousers he wears. Then noticing my knee length, no sleeves white dress. I grip the skirt tightly as Alex begins to move. The hair whips the auburn hair from my face and make's Alex's chocolate brown ruffle slightly.

I gasp and take in a sharp breath a his fingers touch my cheek. They run along my skin making a blush rise to my cheeks and begin a searing trail of heat. His fingers continue along my jaw and down my neck. Then he stops and moves to hover his body over mine. My heart increases and I find myself becoming slowly breathless.

He begins to lean down to kiss me.....


I wake with a gasp sitting straight up in bed. My head and heart is pounding and my breathing is quick and uneven. I get up and move to take a shower having to wrap my leg in this plastic bag. When I'm done I get dressed and make it down just to say bye to Cassie.

"See you later, Cassie" I call.

"Yeah, yeah, wish I could skive off school" Cassie calls before slamming the door leaving my laughing. Truth is I'm only getting my cast off which I am not looking forward to. This is my last day and I cant wait to get this thing off. Melda helps me out side.

"Excited, Elle?" she asks with a bright smile.

"Very" I say smiling back. Then I stop seeing him. He's stood at the letterbox attached to the front of his house. Odd, we just use the letter box. I cant look away though and he opens his mouth before beginning to stride over.

I jerk my gaze away feeling sadness hit me when I do so but I ignore it and throw myself into the car. "Lets go" I mutter to Melda who smiles. Oh gosh, whats happening to me?

The End

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