There was a knock at the door, I tossed my head over to look at Rob and Alice, 'one of you get it.'

'No.' They grunted in unison, staring at the television intently. I heaved a loud sigh, just to let them know I was annoyed about it, but they ignored me.

'Coming, coming!' I called as I walked towards our front door. I scratched my stomach as I pulled on the handle. Two girls stood on our doorstep, one holding a plate with a sloppily-iced cake on it. I looked from them to the cake.

'Hi.' The taller girl beamed, 'we live just down the street, this is Elle and I'm Cassie!' 

'Oh... yeah.' I mumbled, 'come in.' I shuffled backwards awkwardly, letting the shorter girl, Elle enter first as she was on crutches. As soon as they entered the house,  Kat -my mentor- was at my side in a flash, giving the two of our neighbours and gleaming smile. I have no idea how she moves from the other side of the house to the kitchen so quickly. It's scary at times.

'Hello, I'm Kat!' She trilled, 'this is Alex and my other two, Rob and Alice are in the other room. Go get them, Al.'

I have her a curt nod, my eyes trailing over Elle's face, there was a sense of nostalgia  about it, something that sent pleasurable shivers down my spine. I gave her one last lingering glance before jogging back down the hallway and to the lounge to call Rob and Alice through.

They're so much the same it's ridiculous, the same honey blonde hair, the same rosy cheeks and pallid skin, the same dark, ominous green eyes. Even their speech is the same. Anyone who first saw the two fourteen year-old's would call them twins. But I know better, Rob is Alice's familiar and Alice is a witch. Lucky sod, it's unfair that he found Alice.

I don't think I'll ever find my witch. Though it's clear by my powers that I'm a familiar, I've still to find my significant other.

I plodded back into the kitchen, staring at my tan feet as I went. My heart pounded in my chest as I entered the large room, I felt my cheeks redden and breath quicken.

The girl, Elle,was running a hand through her fringe. As soon as I saw those clear blue eyes I knew. I just knew that she was the one. She was a witch. She had to be.

I looked down at Kat with wide eyes and she smiled, giving me a small smile. 

'Let's cut the cake then! It's no use in the cling film, is it?' Cassie grinned, Kat nodded eagerly. I could already see she and Cassie getting along well.

I stood next to Elle, willing her to notice the importance of the connection between us. Her eyes narrowed, and flicked up to my tan face.

'Did you say something?' She asked quietly.

'No.' I replied, yes I did! Realise, already! 

'What's with this boy. He's so rude.'

'No, I'm sure you did.' Elle repeated. When I didn't reply, an awkward silence filled the small gap between us and I shifted nervously. Desperately wracking my brains for a good conversation starter.

'Here, have some cake,' I declared, thrusting a slice of the sugar confection towards her chest. She flinched, jumping back at my abysmal  attempt to shatter the silence. Elle then took the cake from my hands, brushing my palm. The girl dropped the plate in surprise, and shards of it went flying in all directions. 

'Oh... I'm so sorry!' Elle fussed, she fumbled with her crutches to adjust her level so she could pick up the pieces of the ruined pottery. I squatted next to her, grabbing shards to keep my hands busy.

'Sorry. Did I knock you?' I whispered, looking her right in the eye. She had to know now! How could she not after the buzz of electricity that rushed through her hand when she knocked my own. Her face paled even more and and stood up.

'I'm so sorry. I think I need to go, I don't feel very well.' She got up and hobbled away from me and the broken plate, 'Cassie, I'm sorry. I really don't feel well.' Elle said quickly as she exited the house.

She'd noticed, then.


The End

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