Familiar Witch

A familiar searches for their witch for years they dont expect to find that witch distraught with loss and unknown of their heiratage.


The flashes of red. The vibrant colour of the flame attacking my calves. They scorch my skin and lash for the skin not hidden by my clothes. I choke on the thick smoke beginning to clog my lungs.

I hear the sound of the emergancy services that I called with the phone clenched tightly in my slightly burnt hand. I curl my body tightly screaming at the pain that bites at my limbs. Then the door crashes open. I look up at the visor of the fireman who lifts me into my arms. I struggle and screaming telling him to save my parents but I'm begin to feel heavy with sleep.

I'm bundled into an ambulance. A mask is put over my mouth and soft blankets are wrapped around me. I then fall unconcious at the sight of a needle.


"I'm fine, Cassie" I say limbing as I move down the few steps slowly. Cassie looks at me with a raised eyebrow and gestures at my crutches. I smile sheepishly.

"You broke three bones in your leg, Elle"  she says putting a hand on her hip as we stop at her car. I gesture to the door and she sighs. She rolls her eyes andopens the door. I slip in easily having got only 2 days left of my 7 months on them.She helps me put my crutches in the back over my head and I smile at her.

"Thank you" I say in a baby voice. Cassie rolls her eyes and closes my door. She gets in and drives us home. I've been staying with her since... since the accident that killed my parents.

Well, no, they're my adoptive parents. I dont know who my actual parents are. All I have left of them is a locket which doesnt open. Then all I have left of the only parents I've truly known is a family photo in another locket. Both lockets hang on the same chain.

"Let me help" Cassie sighs when I have difficulty getting out. She gets me my crutches and then leaves me to get up. "Hey, did you hear about someone moving in over the road. Aparantly this adoptive family-" Cassie stops short and looks at me staring at the floor with teary eyes. I remember when she'd called my family that. The adoptive family cause of my adoptive older sibling who luckily hadnt also died in that fire. They'd been at uni and got the news by phone call.

"Maybe we'll bake a cake and pop over" I say flashing Cassie a smile. She nods and smile back.

"Lets get on it. There might be cute boys" she finishes with a wink. I roll my eyes and we make our way inside. We go to the kitchen and I sit stiring the ingrediants together reading them out to Cassie who fetches them and measures them out. Once its in the cooker we sit with a glass of coke each. "So, what if there is a cute boy?"

"He's yours of course" I laugh. Cassie smiles with a wink.

"What if you like him? What if he likes you?" Cassie presses.

"He wont" I mutter. I know that cause guys dont go for me. I'm not ugly. I just hide myself. I wear baggy long sleeved tops and loose trousers. I have a loose jacket and I'm constantly using the hood. Even without the hood my sharp icey blue eyes are hidden by my side fringe of my long curls of auburn hair. If you got to see passed that you'd see pale white skin, untouched in a way that eeirey and beautiful. Well, thats what Cassie says. Then I have full lips and high cheek bones. I have small ears and a pixie-like nose.

We finish waiting for the cake to cook filling the time with chatter about Meria, school beauty, going out with Edwin, the school nerd. Once the cakes done I limp after Cassie over the road. She knocks and lets just say my heart skips twenty beats.

The End

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